Not OK

Uncle Joe – Right-Wing News with Kevin Whiteman

I fear that Joe Biden is seriously sick.  I wish no ill towards him or anyone else.  Unless of course, they are attempting to harm me.  But Loopy Uncle Joe has become a joke.  The big problem is what the Marxists are going to do about it?  Are they going to try to get him into office with a ultra-liberal VP and then let him be removed due to his illness?  Perhaps let him die on the campaign trail to get the sympathy vote and so install his VP as president?  Are they going to open the barn door and bring the old nag out to run (Hillary)?

Or, one more nasty scenario that has been floating around in my head for quite a long time:  Let Trump be re-elected and then stage such a campaign of national violence that it forces him to declare martial law, giving lots of little despot bureaucrats a chance to rule without law?  I think that would be the quickest way for the Marxist traitors in the Republic to get the civil war they seem to desire so much.  I find this a real and frightening possibility.  Any way it goes, count on BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) and Antifa to create as much civil unrest as they can.  So check your zero and load magazines.

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