They’ve Been Lying To Us

Anyone that has done any serious investigation into the planned-demic knows that the corona virus has been with us for a long time.  Yeah, I know, this is the big bad SARS-covid19 super weaponized flu, right?  No this is a strain not yet proven to be more deadly than our yearly seasonal flu virus.  But shoving all the sick with pre-existing conditions into close quarters (nursing homes) and forcing people onto ventilators that actually killed them has created an atmosphere of fear that the power mongers have run with.  Herding and stampeding the sheeple, they have forced even the sheep dogs and free-thinkers to go along with their oppression.  There’s a storm coming, and we’re all gonna get wet.  Be prepared as best you can.

5 comments on “They’ve Been Lying To Us

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Pretty clever, really, considering the source.

  2. Taz... says:

    HA!!! I have been up to date before the PLAN-demic started…. Have relatives, and serious intl people still working in the military.keeping me up to date… YES, I DO have Top Secret Clearance still… So I can see much of what is going on. Cannot tell you much though, because I would get my sorry ass in trouble, and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the nasty shit coming down soon….. Don’t worry, our POTUS is a smart man. He is very difficult to outfax, and HE IS ON IT!!! THAT I CAN TELL YOU, without implicating anyone, or anything…


    Be safe, cover your 6, and shoot when shot at…

    Your new friend…


    • I’m glad I will retire soon so I can spend more time watching the internet for info. And I want to go back to teaching at church; the Biblical foundation of the Constitution and our rights. It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s not a theory. Thanks for the comment

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