Rest In Peace Ol’ Remus

Remus is sorely missed.


Damn, we just lost a National Treasure.

This whole year has sucked mightily but this is just horrible news.

Ol’ Remuswas without question one of the smartest yet humble and down to Earth human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of corresponding with and that makes it hurt just that much more.

The knowledge that he took with him is priceless beyond measure and is now lost to the world.

Old School Appalachian style with an intellect that would embarrass most P.H.D’s these days.

I used to sit slack jawed at his knowledge of Particle Physics and Astronomy.

He would slip some of that into his weekly article round ups but you really had to be paying attention and be able to read what he wouldn’t say out loud whilst reading what he would.

The thing is, he never stopped learning and searching for the latest news…

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