Birds of a Feather

Trite but true. And a man is known by the company he keeps. I think Communist China’s support and ties to Biden, his campaign, and the entire Democratic Party spell it out quite well.

Saying that because part of the party is rotten, that every Dem is a Chicom sycophant would be a logical fallacy. A modern version of classical Greek logic might call it ‘Part to Whole.’ Modern colloquialism would say ‘one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch.’ The caveat to that is that if you don’t root out the rot, it WILL spoil everything.

Unfortunately, some people have been Dems for so long they have not recognized the sneaky changes in their political party. Mom and Dad were Dems, Grandpa and Grandma were Dems, etc, etc. They don’t see the rot and therefor will do nothing to change it, or change their political leanings. Younger Dems just want the ice cream. You know, like back in 3rd grade, all you had to do to become class president is to promise ice cream for everybody. Nobody wanted to hear anything logical, they just wanted ice cream. But any way you slice it, if you support a candidate that is being run by a foreign power, you are a traitor to the Republic and cannot legitimately claim to be a patriot.

Biden Sold Out America to China While Working for Hollywood | Frontpage Mag

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