The Barret Story

Here’s a few articles about what’s happening with Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing in the Senate. My synopsis is that the Marxists are hating on her and spending a lot of time condemning Trump instead of holding a real confirmation hearing. As usual, the Dems won’t do their job and are stroking their egos with hatred for their opponents. BAU. The Republicans are talking about the Constitution, which pisses off the Dems because they don’t understand it and talking about it confuses them.

First, Amy is smart enough she doesn’t need notes.

Since they cannot produce a cogent argument, they have to rely on ad hominem attacks against her family. That’s sick and ugly.

Doing their best to put forth idiot arguments and stupid comparisons. What about all the mask-wearing Dem women? Doesn’t Knee-pad Kamala fit the analogy much better? MSNBC anal-yst misses the target by a mile.

Colombia's mafia and the media | Part 5: Maria Camila Orozco

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