Is It 1938 Again?

The Antifa black shirts are repeating Nazi Germany’s history of Hitler’s Brown Shirts in the 1930’s


HIDE THEM, BURY THEM, OR CARRY THEM, BUT NEVER, NEVER , NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. BLM & Antifa have already given us a Kristallnacht of our own. Now is not the time to ignore history. We must never forget and never let it happen again. NEVER AGAIN!

Kristallnacht Commemoration With Presentation by Holocaust Survivor -  TAPinto

5 comments on “Is It 1938 Again?

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Is New York…..

  2. Johno says:

    Deputy, I support what you say. But it’s hard if you’re really into competitive shooting sports, a collector or just an occasional hunter, as all gun laws and licences being intended to be dangerous to the licencee, you can not take the risk of being known as an avid shooter. You must be familiar with the attitude of many of your colleagues, that there are no innocent gun nuts – we just havn’t been caught out yet. I got busted over 20 years ago, not a cache set-up, I just couldn’t bear to hand in my life’s collection to the ‘buyback’ crushers, I’m still paying off the fine. One aspect nobody thinks of, the social desert. As by choice, all my friends were shooters, I can’t take the risk of socialising with them in case they are tainted by my rep with the coppers, guilt by association. You may find this hard to believe, but in some Australian states, you can’t become a member of a gun club before getting approval by the porkforce. That is, just to join, not obtaining a permit-to-acquire or a gun licence, God alone knows their reasoning behind such social engineering.

    • Johno, that is a real horror story. In the US we hope that our Constitution protects us from such abuse of power, but it doesn’t always work that way. We have a couple of good organizations that fight for our God-given rights in court and our legislatures, both state and federal. Unfortunately the Marxist brainwashing done by our public schools makes it hard to convince those that were taught not to think and only to fear that any way but theirs is right. At this moment we are in the fight of our lives to elect as president a supporter of our rights and defeat those that would disarm and enslave us.

      The only ‘reasoning’ behind such social engineering is a lust for power and a feeling of superiority over other men and women, thinking that only they can govern others. For many years I have followed the usurpation of the rights of Australian citizens and their government’s abandonment of the people that they should be protecting. As a LEO I am quite aware of the stupid attitudes of many of my fellow officers and have spent many years trying to educate them. I will continue to pray for your country and those around the world that they will be able to escape the tyranny of their governments who think they have the right to rule the lives of others. Thanks for your input on my site, and may God keep you safe and secure.

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