Woe Is Me

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Oh Woe Is Me

Could it be, that the conspiracy theorists have it right? Absolutely! One thing for sure Republicans have been allowing our nations children to be taught socialism, Islam, and go along to get along anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional Free Republic ethics, morals, and common sense from K-through PhD level. For six decades our children have been brainwashed and given over to evil delusions of a global social utopia.

Conservative Christianity have been teaching liberal theology instead of sound biblical systematic theology. A large portion of good Christians and churches have abandoned the faith of solid biblical Christianity under the authority of Jesus and followed after false doctrines. Those false doctrines have turned good Christian people away from the true God of Christianity, the great I AM! Guess what? God does not like that.

Now since 2016 and the election of Trump, the Democrat Party has been doing what…

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