The Importance of Truth

When people don’t want to acknowledge reality, they often say that there are different truths for different people. NOPE! Truth can not vary or it is not truth. The truth is still the truth even if you don’t want it to be true. The truth is still the truth even if you don’t believe it. The truth is still the truth even if it is not popular, or if the majority of people don’t like or accept it. The truth is still the truth even if you are unaware of it. Anything that varies from the truth is a lie. Concealing the truth from someone is a lie. Refusing to tell the truth is lying. So why is the truth important? Because if you don’t know the truth you make poor decisions. Let’s look at why some really big bad decisions were recently made.

People from whom the truth has been hidden make decisions on what they have been told is the truth, but isn’t. Lack of knowing the truth can be cured, but when those wielding power over others hide the truth (lie) the results cannot be good. And since there is nothing good those results must be evil. No other outcomes are possible.

When existing powers withhold information (truth) from the people they are supposed to serve, that makes those powers despots and evil rulers. Those powers must be resisted with everything we have (unless we choose to be slaves). Thomas Jefferson said “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

Freedom isn’t free. Even if you don’t have to fight for it, you must pay the price of it by becoming educated (and I don’t mean in those Marxist gulags) but one must invest the effort in personal study, both of the history of our republic, and the ideas on which it is founded. One must also become personally disciplined in the things of life which produce life, liberty, and the ability to pursue and obtain happiness. If you choose to be ignorant, you will always live in slavery to one power or another. YOU are responsible for yourself. Don’t waste the life you have been given by feeding on garbage or refusing to learn the truth.

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