No Warm Fuzzies

This news about death penalty executions doesn’t bother me, but it does bother the conspiracy theorist part of my mind. For years, people have been predicting execution by guillotine for those resisting a one world religion and/or a one world government.

Why is it bothering me now and not before? Before, it was an interesting viewpoint that I acknowledged and filed away for future reference. Unfortunately, now it seems that there are enough stupid people in the world to let things get totally out of hand. That is not to say that things are not out of hand now, but I mean totally out of hand. An over reaching government that eliminates all voices of dissidence in a brutal and inhuman manner. And an idiot populace so brainwashed by the nanny state and political correctness that they will approve of anything as long as the bread and circuses continue. They will in fact celebrate the murder of innocents by the state and call their attitudes ‘righteousness.’, and truly believe they are saving mankind. Don’t think it will happen? It IS happening now with the daily murder of innocents in abortuaries, and the condemnation of pro-lifers, even by those who claim to be Christians.

Oh, no, you say? Consider the Marxist Democrats not condemning the violent antics of Antifa and BLM. Indeed, the funding for violent radicals can easily be traced directly to the Left. The proponents of this nonsense have no problem with their violent fringe promising incarceration for ‘badthink’ or death for ‘badspeak.’ And they get to define those ‘crimes.’

So that’s why this seemingly unobtrusive item caught my attention. Do with it what you will.

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