Two Cultures

The Marxist Democrats have split America. We’re now stuck in the middle between Marxist Amerika and the Republic. As Animal Farm told us, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Law-abiding citizens of the Republic know and understand the laws, common sense, and personal responsibility. Marxist Democrat ‘Muricans understand that they can throw tantrums and get whatever they want without paying or working for it. Examples? Sure, they are everywhere.

A free country? Yeah, right! I Can’t wait to see them try this at gun shows.

How do you feel about this crap? Shall we take a page from their book and operate on feelings?

Pay attention to what their masses have to say. Biden doesn’t know diddly and his minions do what they want. Don’t leave home without protection. Keep it locked and loaded.

Marxist Democrats pursuing their utopia.

See how important judges are? Without 4 more years to drain the swamp, the judiciary will own us just like any other slaves. I was going to post and article here about Biden’s niece getting off on a DWI charge, but the link disappeared. But not all links got scrubbed by big media.

Ah, here it is.

Where Lock Downs Came From

If you have been paying attention, this should not come as any surprise. We are at war, and because of our freedoms, the enemy can stab us in the back. Constantly. And idiot sheeple approve and even ask for more. It has come time to either fight with We The People or get out of the way. You who are traitors to the republic will get yours some day. We promise you.

And if you actually realized what a crook this condescending Marxist traitor is, you would demand his immediate departure to a prison cell.

And this attack hit a lot of people that didn’t realize it.