And how to prevent it.

When you side with those who have sworn to destroy our Republic, that is treason. When you advocate against the God-given liberties guaranteed by the Constitution to citizens of the Republic, that is treason. Why is it that people can’t get that through their heads? We expect our representatives to understand the Constitution and their oath to uphold and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This problem goes to the core of our beings. It is a moral failure. It is the inability to differentiate between right and wrong. Telling a lie is considered wrong by almost any culture or religion, except Islam, which excuses any lie told to further the cause of Islam.

Here we have a duly-elected representative of the people promoting legislation that would punish telling the truth about Islam, and promoting the values of Islam over the highest law of the land, the Constitution. It has often been said that you can tell who is exercising power over you by determining whom you are not allowed to criticize. It is very plain that US Representative Debbie Dingell is attempting to promote Islam by removing the right to criticize it. And I don’t mean unjustly criticizing it, but taking away your right to tell the truth about it when the truth offends Islam’s supporters.

If as a Muslim you approve of the rape and murder of those outside the religion, then you are an enemy of civilization and its laws. If you as a Muslim disapprove of those criminal acts, then work to put a stop to them. Only problem is that Islam approves and teaches that their adherents are allowed to commit such crimes in the name of their ‘religion.’

Sorry, but Islam is not a religion, but rather a socio-political construct masquerading as a religion. That being the case, it should not be allowed the protections under our laws that are afforded to other religions. And it certainly should not given a privileged place above our form of government. To advocate for that is treason, particularly when you have sworn to uphold that form of government. The Deep State is much bigger than most people realize, and it includes nitwits like Dingle who make themselves part of it due to their weak minds and bleeding hearts(I’m being generous here). As part of ‘draining the swamp’ we must remove traitors like representative Dingbat Dingle, and that removal must be done within the constraints of our Republic.

If you are still voting for Democrats at any level of government, you also share in the culpability for such treason. If you are voting for RINOs that support moves against the Republic, you are also culpable for their treason. It’s time to tell it like it is and you are either for us or against us, us being ‘We The People;’ those who support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Republic which it created. We the People are the ones whom should also enjoy the protections of a free people which the Republic provides. So how do you become part of We The People and enjoy these protections and liberties? Very simple: Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That doesn’t mean that you need to run down to the enlistment office and sign up for a tour of duty. It means that you take on the responsibility of learning from the original documents and writings that our Founding Fathers’ left to us for just that purpose. Find out why they created a Republic for us instead of a democracy. Learn the truth of our nation’s founding, and why it has lasted well over 200 years, instead of the average 17 years that most Constitutions last. Understand that this Republic IS We the People, and that means you are not a subject but rather a citizen. You are a vital part in making sure the Republic lasts and that it operates in the form which the Founders intended. It has been said that our Constitution is suitable only for a moral people, and that it true. Strive to be moral people, to raise moral children, and to require representatives of the highest moral character. This is how you fight for our liberties. You fight for our liberties when you get rid of representatives that refuse to uphold their oath of office either through lack of education about their duties, or downright treasonous activity. You fight for our liberties when you refuse to obey the illegal and tyrannical mandates of demagogues that want nothing more than power for themselves. YOU are responsible for our liberty! YOU are responsible for the rule of law! YOU are responsible for our peace and prosperity! Stand up and be responsible citizens of the Republic!

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