What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying When They Wear A Mask in Their Car by Laurence M. Vance

We’ve all seen it. A man or a woman driving their car with a mask on their face. As we all know, you can say a great deal about yourself without actually saying anything. They may not realize it, but here is what people are saying when they wear a face mask while driving their car.

I voted for Joe Biden.

I believe the coronavirus is a deadly disease like smallpox or ebola.

I believe everything the government says about the coronavirus.

I believe that the coronavirus is a public health emergency that only government can deal with.

I believe the coronavirus is like a toxic cloud lingering in the air that could poison me.

I hang on every word of Dr. Fauci.

I believe everything the mainstream news media says about the coronavirus.

I check the latest figures on the worldwide coronavirus infection rates every night.

I am scared to death that I am going to breathe in the coronavirus while I am driving my car.

I no longer use restrooms at stores and restaurants.

I believe that Covid-19 tests are entirely accurate.

I believe in social distancing.

I am very concerned about the rise in coronavirus cases, but ignore the death rate.

I believe that everyone whom the government says died of coronavirus actually died of coronavirus.

I can’t wait to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

I no longer go the church services.

I believe that wearing masks saves lives.

It bothers me when I see employees at stores not wearing their masks properly.

I use hand sanitizer all throughout the day.

I don’t believe anything that conservatives and libertarians say about the coronavirus.

I think that those who dismiss the severity of the coronavirus are conspiracy theorists.

I am going above and beyond any recommendations to keep from catching the coronavirus.

I believe that breathing in fresh air might make me sick.

I support government mask mandates.

I support government lockdowns.

I support the government closing “unessential” businesses.

If I catch the coronavirus, then I might die.

I wear a mask when walking in the park.

I wear a mask when I gas up my car.

I wear a mask when I walk my dog.

I believe that everyone should wear a face mask.

I wear a mask whenever I step out of my front door.

I believe everything the CDC says about the dangers of the coronavirus.

I believe that people who don’t wear masks are endangering themselves and others.

I wear a mask in restaurants while I am ordering my food.

I believe masks work but still want you to wear one so you don’t infect me.

I am so oxygen-deprived from wearing a mask that I forgot to take it off when I got in the car.

I can’t get the coronavirus if I take off my mask while eating and drinking at a restaurant.

I put on my mask to walk to the restroom at a restaurant.

I put on my mask back on at a restaurant as soon as I finish my meal.

I didn’t spend any time with people outside of my immediate family over the holidays.

I believe we are all in this together, but I don’t really know what this means.

I Don’t Understand

Seems that the word picnic is now wrong. Heh, I always thought it meant Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. Have you tried rebooting it? Have you turned it off and back on again? Might just be a P.I.C.N.I.C. situation.


Because of tender little snowflakes like this, I say Merry Christmas every chance I get. Loudly!


And if I want a laugh, I say Merry Christmahannukwanzika!

Their Methods Don’t Work

If it don’t cure you (and it won’t) it just might kill you.


Selling the Snake Oil. To the tune of 250 million $


UV light kills all kinds of germs. Are you aware of the small immersible UV lights for wilderness water purification?



Science is being perverted and we are being lied to.


Masks and distancing are a joke, and you are being enslaved.


You do know that Fauci has a financial interest in the vaccines, don’t you?


That Was Fast!

So just how did the vaccine get approved on such a fast track when normally it would have taken about ten years of trials? Well, the devil is in the details. The Federal regs state that if there is no other available treatment for a disease, drugs can be approved for use with minimal testing. That means NO double blind tests, NO placebo tests, NONE of the normally required tests to keep the public safe from new drugs. It’s done like this:

FIRST – Create a pandemic. This is done with media and big pharma. No truth or testing needed, just scare tactics to make the sheep run in the desired direction.

SECOND – Eliminate all opposition and those that point out reliable ‘in-use’ treatments and their successful use against the fake scamdemic.

THIRD – Destroy all evidence of reliable treatments that actually work, and reduce their availability to the public. Did you happen to notice that the 2nd biggest hydroxychloroquine manufacturing plant in the world was totally destroyed by an explosion recently? OF course not, because the MSM and Big Pharma didn’t want you to hear about it. And what about all the studies showing quick recovery for people treated with natural methods such as vitamins C and D and just getting people out into fresh air and sunshine (exposure to sunshine is how your body makes its own vitamin D. Ant then there are a lot of other natural treatments being hidden from you.

Part of it is that natural treatments don’t work like a magic pill, but are rather part of a healthy lifestyle that boosts your immune system. Over the years we have had a lot of friends ask us how to treat illnesses their children get and they think a couple of doses of vitamins, herbs, or homeopathics will be a magic bomb to cure their kids. Then they go right back to a high sugar and junk food diet that got them sick in the first place. Eat a healthy diet and supplement it with some herbs and vitamins and you don’t get sick. When the yearly flu rolls around, practice good health measures, eliminate all sweets, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take some preventatives like elderberry juice, vitamins A, B, C, & D, etc. Learn to be responsible for your own health so that if you do get the flu or a cold your body already has some ammo in the bunker for the fight.

Anyway, that is how they fast-tracked the vaccine and why there are some serious and unexpected side effects to the shots. Worst case, the DNA in the vaccines will modify your own DNA and you may be sick for life with reactions to it. Best case, you may recover from the vaccine damage after a while, and recover from a flu that already had a 99.7% recovery rate. Think for yourself and be responsible!