There are lots of tourniquets out there, and lots of pretenders (fakes) of the CAT . Kind of irritating that I have something new to add to the gear, but it will be worth it. The price is in line with a real CAT (about $30) and the operation/application of the NTN is close enough to the CAT that it will be easy to use. Anyway, I need a couple more tourniquets for the bags, so looks like I will give this a try.

They Just Lost Their Base

If these Democrat Light clowns think we will support their corrupt party, they’ve got another thing coming. I have never been a rabid or gung-ho Trump supporter. Rather, I gauged my support for him on what actions he was taking. He put a lot of people to work. He appointed over 200 Constitutionalist judges (although some are unquestionably wolves in sheep’s clothing) He promoted REAL racial equality and healing. He worked to secure our borders. He worked to secure our rights as citizens and restrict those right to ONLY citizens. He cut back on taxpayers’ dollars being sent abroad to questionable recipients. And lots more.

The ‘Never Trumpers’ had their panties in a wad and would rather vote for Communism than a fallible man trying to do a good job for them. If we follow the ideas of the evangelical never Trumpers, what other things must we throw out, you know, the baby with the bathwater?

  1. Any reference to King David in the Bible. He was after all an adulterer, rapist, and murderer. It’s all right there in scripture. So, there goes Psalms. And any hymn or text that references Psalms.
  2. 28% of the New Testament written by Paul. He was, after all, a murderer and persecuter of early believers. How then can we trust anything he wrote?
  3. Hosea was married to a prostitute. There goes his book.

You can’t pick and chose in your condemnation. Either you reconcile and accept the repentance of the sinner, or you go rot in a corner, chosing to slap god in the face by usurping His omnicient and all-powerful right to pardon and forgive.

So, if the Republicans think we will support them in the future, they can just forget it! We are in dire need of a new party. In the Constitution we have the best form of government devised by man, we just need a party that will honor it.

So it really doesn’t matter if they won’t back Trump, but it does matter if they refuse to back the rule of law and the Constitution.

Letters From the Gulag : How The Game Is Played

A Truly Evil Man

I am against judging what is in a person’s heart, but the Bible says I can and should judge a person’s actions. However, in this case I’m going to go out on a limb.

I must refer to Edmund Burke at this point: “There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief.

Promoting Unity Through Racism

With State Department appointees like this, are you feeling the white privilege? I hope all you Marxocrats that voted for this crap are enjoying the fruits of your stupidity.

Now, I have to say that since BLM will burn, loot, and murder black citizens as well as any other ethnicity, they are truly equal-opportunity terrorists. But since none of their actions have promoted even an inkling of peace, how is this prize justified? Perhaps the panel wanted to appease BLM so they would not commit acts of terrorism when they came to steal the ‘Peace’ prize.