The CAT is Out of the Bag

Anything can be counterfeited and made more cheaply, but the performance will suffer. I have a pair of Lindstrom music wire cutters that I bought in 1978 for what I thought was the outrageous price of $35. 20 years as a watchmaker (before I became an LEO) and these cutters are still perfect. I thought I needed a spare set of side cutters and bought a pair made elsewhere and the jaw broke off the very first time I used them. Knives are another tool where you need to buy quality items. I own lots of knives and there is a bottom line for the blades I buy. Tool steel is expensive as is a good carbon steel blade, but I have often carried 440 stainless depending on the quality and the blade design. I prefer AUS8 or AUS6, or one of the other better stainless steels, but 440 often can get the job done.

The point here is that you should only carry what you can trust. This video from Mountain Man Medical shows why you should get the genuine item when you buy a tourniquet. If you have an EDC setup, you have batteries in your flashlight, right? You blades are sharp, right. Your tourniquet is a genuine C.A.T., right? Watch this video and then check what you are carrying.

Before I retired, our department was training us to apply a CAT in the middle of our pistol qualification course. One arm application and one leg application (while the range instructors yelled at us to get it done because we were bleeding out). The tourniquets we used were genuine CAT, and they were used over and over again by various deputies during qual. Cheap junk won’t last, but the real thing was used again and again with no failures. You don’t carry a cheap pistol, you carry one you can bet your life on. Spend the money for good equipment. Check your EDC, BOK, & IFAK. Make sure you have the real deal.

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