I Blame His Parents

While collectivist atheists today say that parents should have no input into the lives of their children, the evidence of that refusal to take responsibility is evident everywhere. From this traitor masquerading as a patriot to the childish chumps living in their parents’ basement with no ambition to get a job (gee, Dad, there’s just no openings for a full professorship starting at $90,000 in women’s studies). It is the responsibility (and I would say it is a divine responsibility) to impart common sense, a drive to succeed, and a work ethic to your children. Along with a strong set of morals.

I would particularly specify Biblical morals. There are too many sold-out communist preachers leading (and shearing) their flocks today, like lemmings headed for the cliff. No one is teaching to do what is right and to hell with the consequences. Very few ministers have the guts to preach Biblical truth and let the chips fall where they may. This is recently evidenced in churches where you either don’t gather or you mask up for fear, vs the churches where masks are optional. Lots of those free churches have had the fear mongering communists leave in droves. The Bible says God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.(2Timothy 1:7) So it is easy to see that those fleeing churches and those not preaching the truth are yellow-bellied chicken $#its that only use scripture to make themselves feel better by condemning others.

Romans 14 is all about putting up with the weaker sheep and not condemning them for their lack of faith. But what happens when you deny your faith to please the weaker brother? Exercising your faith by loving them and attempting to correct them is what should be happening, but all too often we fold our hands, lay down the cards, and let them take the entire pot from the table. That helps no one. And in time it will really piss off the brethren that continually have to give in to the weaklings. Particularly if the fear and lack of faith is condoned by the weak preachers who do not divide the word of truth rightly.

If you are going to be a teacher, you’d better get it right. God says there will be harsher judgement for those that wish to teach and lead. Not only does this mean standing strong on God’s word, but it also means being teachable, in case you did get something wrong. But never hold fast to tradition, always use scripture to defend doctrine, and if the doctrine cannot be defended with scripture, time to dump that doctrine and embrace the truth.

Now that I have laid a foundation, let’s look at this traitor who was arrested for assisting our enemy. It is my opinion that he should be tried for treason, and if found guilty, to be executed forthwith. In other words take the bum out and shoot him. That is how you deal with treason. Then perhaps his parents should be fined or jailed for producing such a bucket of scum. Sure, he learned Marxism in school, but that does not absolve his parents of their responsibility to correct the bad teaching he was getting. He should have been taught the true meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. He should have been taught to love the Republic as our Founders intended it to be, and to be engaged throughout his life in the defense of the Constitution that created our Republic.


Just needed a good rant today.

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