Working on Our Skills

If the Marxocrats decide to completely collapse the Republic (intentionally; they’re already doing it perhaps unintentionally), there may be few if any jobs available. So we’re working on some survival skills that could be bartered for food and protection. Anybody can dig a ditch, and there are plenty of trigger pullers to go around. Farming even on a small scale is a valuable skill, construction is a good skill, but more likely to be of use is medical training.

Next week the crew will be learning to stage a CAT tourniquet, and how to deploy and apply it. We’re also going to be covering bleeding and how to stop it, and perhaps a few more things. We’ll revisit the Red Cross and Boy Scout training of which we have availed ourselves, and add a little about survival, escape and evasion.

Also, we’re going to dip into the missionary’s manual “Where There Is No Doctor.” And at a later date we’ll skim through “Where There Is No Dentist.” Both of these are really essential volumes for missionaries in third world countries. We’ll also go through some of our preps and decide what we need more of.

Sound a bit odd? Well, what if the war lord of your area has a toothache, a stomach problem, or a bad boil that needs attention? You can buy yourself a lot of good will and protection by being a servant to those types. Teaching them about sanitation, where to dig a slit trench, etc. could be pretty important to them.

I just picked up a 4 pak of triple antibiotic ointment this week to add to the supply chest. There’s a few more items I need, but no rush right now. I’d like to pick up some extra Pool Shock to hand out for water purification. Be sure to get the right kind that does not kill people or promote kidney stones too quickly. If you’re into homeopathy or essential oils, check your stock. That’s the missus area for us, but we all know some about treatment with oils.

The point is that one should not get so tied up with armament that you neglect other things. but you do need the 4 B’s. Beans, bullets, bandaids, and batteries will help you get through tough times, but make sure you have enough to share with the needy. Those that come to your door demanding that you take them in and provide full access to all your stuff? Shoot them in the face. But for those that are truly in need, do your best to help them out and then send them down the road.

Fifteen years ago, a supposed friend at church and I were talking about tough times and I was urging him to prep for his family. He asked a few questions and then said “Well, I’ll just come to y our house” What an arrogant asshole! He had no idea that I decided right then that he would never get diddly from me. He was unwilling to provide for his family and wanted to take my provisions which had caused my family to do without over the years. The Bible tells us that a man who will not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. And in this instance that man was planning on being not only an infidel but a thief. That is why I would shoot him in the face; he was planning crimes against me and my family. He didn’t conceive that his attitudes and actions made him a Communist marauder.

So get prepped, keep your mouth shut, and be the grey man.

Blending In…the "Grey Man" concept. | TRS

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