A Medic’s Choice

The C.A.T. by North American Rescue is the gold standard when it comes to tourniquets. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap knock-offs. Do you want to bet your life or someone else’s life of a tourniquet that may not work properly or flat our fall apart when attempting to use it? A CAT is generally about $30, but buyer beware! Even the $30 ones may not be genuine NAR CAT’s. If the only difference is the cost of shipping, better to buy from a reliable dealer and be sure to get the real thing. Anyway, there are a few alternatives to the CAT and you should be aware of them. Not that you should change from a CAT if that is what you currently carry, but you should know a little about the other good quality tourniquets in case you have to use one in an emergency.

3 comments on “A Medic’s Choice

  1. MaddMedic says:

    And pick one and stick with the same. When you need it in a hurry, especially self application. Your fine motor skills go to crap. The CAT is easy to set up for quick use and samll enough to pack .. a couple..

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