Avoiding The Kaboom

A safety is a mechanical device and mechanical devices are prone to malfunction. Safety is in your head. The Armed Christian has a helpful reminder for you.

The Armed Christian

One of the concerns I had when adding a 300 Blackout upper to my inventory of firearms was the possibility of a kaboom. Since the 300 and 5.56 rounds are so closely related and use so many of the same components it is possible that a round will enter into the chamber far enough that it is able to be fired resulting in some rather unpleasant results for the AR and, potentially, for the shooter.

The safest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to only bring one or the other to the range on any given day. I plan on following this rule as much as possible but even with this approach there is still some chance of a mismatch. As a secondary measure many companies make and sell bands and other markers for magazines that help flag possible mistakes. These are a bit pricey ($10 a pop) and…

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