Kristi Simmonds Update

Remember the nurse that had an immediate bad reaction to the fake vaccine? Big tech has kept further info about her suppressed. Not everyone has a bad reaction, but some do. Personally, I’m not taking the chance. Don’t forget that the CDC admitted that the Covid 19 testing averaged a 95% false positive, and antibodies from the common cold and flu could trigger a positive test. Today I cancelled some minor surgery because the hospital demanded a covid test before my outpatient procedure could be done. Sorry sleepy joe, if I feel that this minor outpatient procedure is necessary, I will take a trip to Mexico to get it done or I will find an veterinarian to do it. Money talks.

Notice this video is not available on US YouTube.

And note that I call this a fake vaccine. That is because it is NOT a true vaccine, but an RNA & DNA modification.

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