Overcoming Malfunctions

Considering that the AR-15 platform is the most popular rifle in the Republic, we all need to be familiar with it’s care and feeding. And they do have an occasional burp. In my experience in the Army, in training we were never allowed to clean our M-16’s. The purpose was to eliminate any concerns about the reliability of the rifle. I can attest to an M-16 going through 20,000 rounds without a cleaning or a malfunction. But it does happen. My youngest son keeps telling me that his AR is better than mine because he bought better parts when he built it. He definitely bought more expensive parts, but he has a job and his own money to spend. I tend toward basic Mil-spec parts from a reliable vendor for an AR build. Son scoffs at my rifle, but he has never outshot me. Remember, though, that the AR is the grown man’s Barbie, and cosmetic additions make for fun dress-up play time, so while my rifle may be Mil-spec, it might have some nice furniture on it.

However, any firearm can malfunction, so we need to be aware and practiced in first aid for the AR. Infidel put together this little video about clearing the 3 most common malfunctions associated with Eugene Stoner’s famous invention.

Windham WW-15 MPC 5.56mm M4A4 Rifle with Detachable Carry ...
My Decked-out Castle Defender Firearm : ar15

4 comments on “Overcoming Malfunctions

  1. kamas716 says:

    Where’s the tactical melon baller?

  2. MaddMedic says:

    Look at those EVVIL GUNS!!
    Oh wait…’checks vault’ Nevermind!!

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