PANIC 2021: A View From the Range

Some thoughts to pay atention to

Prepper 365

If there’s anything that’s been in high demand over the last 12 months it’s guns, ammo and sometimes toilet paper. While toilet paper currently seems to be back in good supply, guns and ammunition certainly are not. Demand for guns and ammo remains extremely high, but supplies are difficult if not impossible to find. Some retailers still have a few firearms available, but the selection is very limited and you’re more likely to share an Uber with Bigfoot than find a decent price on ammo. Gouging is rampant and the online retailers are among the worst. ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ currently has White Box Winchester 9mm at $119.99 for a 50 round box or 20 rounds of PMC 5.56 for $39.98. Lucky Gunner has 9mm JHP ranging between $46.00 to $59.00, cheap by comparison, but still outrageous. With 23 million firearms sold and 8 million new firearms owners last year along…

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