It’s An Invasion

They may not be using military weapons, but their intent is the same. When evil people see that you have something nice and they make steps toward taking it from you, their criminal intent is obvious. And if the means used are a flood of children, that threat must be countered. Not by punishing those being used, but by putting an end to their criminal misuse.

The average ‘Murican has a hard time believing that those who threaten them are serious, whether they are Muslim or any other group that says ‘we are coming for you.’ It’s time to stop being stupid. Sorry, but because you have nice things doesn’t mean you must provide them to others. You worked for what you have and you may give your legally-owned property to whomever you wish. But you do not have the right to take MY property, or anyone else’s, to give away. And other folks do not have the right to take from you that which is yours, no matter how much they want or need it. Charity is a wonderful thing, but being charitable with that which is not yours is criminal. And criminal activity should be withstood and defended against.

And so the invasion on our Southern border should be resisted with all the strength we can muster. It is a government’s job to protect it’s people, and when it does not do so it is a failure. When it actually goes so far as to choose to support the enemy over the welfare of their own people, that government is illegitimate. And those that clearly violate the law(s) which established that government and nation are traitors and must be grouped with the enemy. The more quickly and strongly this is conveyed to the enemy the quicker such illegal activity will stop and the more likely peace will be preserved for the people.

It is very obvious to me that we must stand and fight against the enemies we have both within and without the Republic. Not necessarily taking up arms at this moment, but being ready when that time is forced upon the peace-loving and law-abiding citizens of the Republic, and until then, resisting through adherence to and demanding adherence to the highest law of the land.

For the time being, let our enemies threatening words and their blatant disregard for our laws remind us that they have real intent to come and steal: Property, lives, liberty, safety, our homes and fortunes. And if they can’t take possess it they will destroy it, just because they are destroyers. Their father came to kill, steal, and destroy, and they follow in his footsteps.

Believe in evil because it is real. And believe that some people are evil for whatever reason you wish to assign to that fact. But for the sake of the safety of yourself, your family, your possessions, and your nation, believe that evil does truly exist. And act on that belief.

“There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief.” ~~ Edmund Burke

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