Cuban Refugee Warns America Is Swallowing The ‘Poison Pill’ Of Communism (AUDIO) – Mic Drop Politics

Unfortunately, many are okay with Communism. They should leave the Republic immediately for a country with that form of government.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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China Joe on the Loose

He’s been a bad actor from the word go.

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He is NOT a friend of the Republic

Sure sounds like a dictator to me

Entertaining our enemies with puppets from his entourage

Border Patrol chief refuses to speak Ingsoc.

Clueless about history (or reality for that matter)

Bidden's Big Rally Draws 200?! -

‘Rona HooHa

If TPTB would just leave us alone, we’d all be better off, but that is not going to happen because it doesn’t fit into their plan of controlling us. I prefer to be out of control. To paraphrase Jefferson, I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful slavery. Here’s a few news bits to irritate you.

The spike proteins are what look like vax shedding but aren’t really.

itaintholywater had a couple of good ones:

Remember the “Ventilator Shortage?” Where it turned out that putting rona patients on forced air ventilation was actually killing them but we were told we didn’t have enough ventilators to treat everybody? A post over at theferalirishman blows that lie all to bits.

itaintholywater again with another great one:

There’s a great little read from Photog at Orions Cold Fire.

Remember when Bull Gates said we should use vaxeens to reduce population? Besides just killing people off, here’s another effect.

I hope you’ve seen the video with the inventor of the PCR test explaining its uselessness and misuse by the power-crazed medical/pharma industry. Here’s a little something more on the PCR test.

And to finish off, here’s a little TMI.

Remember to Obey the Law!

As citizens of the Republic, it is important that we obey the law so we can stay safe and have an orderly society.

So as far as it is up to you, be at peace with all you meet, even if they make it difficult. Let’s be clear about that.

HT to itaintholywater for the memes.

So, save who needs saving, kill who needs killing. Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.