Got the Chills?

I’ve done a lot of camping over the years, in some pretty inclement weather. Cold can kill you, and hypothermia is nothing to ignore. A friend of mine took his girlfriend camping and they got soaked in the rain and then chilled. He was a 3rd year medical student and saw that she was getting hypothermic. Got her wrapped up and made her some hot tea and she came right around.

The coldest camping I’ve ever done was -18 with a -40 windchill. That’ll kill you if you don’t watch out. I holed up in a dry creek bed and turned it into a reflector oven, putting my sleeping bag between my fire and the 8 foot high creek bank. It got so hot I had to lay on top of my bag, but I still was careful about my extremities. I’ve camped in the snow, and in the Colorado mountains when condensation on the tent froze. When I shook the fly in the morning, ice went everywhere. The point is, don’t fool around with cold, and know how to treat hypothermia.

And listen to experienced campers. That cold night in Colorado (10,000 feet) I gave the wife my good -15 rated bag and I took the +15 rated bag. I told her to get in the bag and quickly strip off her clothes so the perspiration trapped in them would get out of the bag. She thought I was nuts and refused to do it, arguing that her clothing would keep her warmer. I stripped down to my underwear and slept comfortably while she froze all night. A great opportunity to say ‘I told you so,’ but desiring to stay married, I didn’t take advantage.

Killing the Economy

Could you take a loss of one fourth of your income and survive? Yes, it is possible (I took a bigger hit than that some years ago). But here is an instance where deliberate interference by the feral gooberment caused a state government to take a 26% loss of businesses and did nothing to mitigate the damage from their malfeasance. This country needs some hangings, and soon. This is just one state and I suspect the other 49 were similarly abused. Anybody got figures on that?

I’m a Fan of the Blues, But Not This Crap

Remember, your tax dollars are supporting this. And though PBS does have some great programs, they also lean so far left that without other people’s money they would just collapse. Not only do they get tax dollars from the bums in DC, they constantly beg for money from their audience. I will never give these Marxists a penny even though I enjoy British comedy and the few unbiased science shows the produce.

It is past time to pull federal funding from PBS and NPR. They are Marxist propagandists and we should never fund our enemies.

Suing Over Mandated Vaccinations

While at this point the feral goobermint cannot mandate the jab, they have let employers do what they wish. In this case, looks like the employees are pushing back. If healthcare professionals are resisting the jab, what does that tell you about the safety/efficacy of the shot? I suspect if employers keep pushing, they will have full-scale rebellion on their hands. Those businesses that can hire any warm body to do the work may fare OK, but if you need credentialed professionals, you may have trouble filling the roster.