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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Two articles that are chock-a-block with ’em. Let’s be honest: the federal government hasn’t looked in tip-top shape for a long time, and now it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. It’s made up of millions of petty bureaucrats who couldn’t care less about “serving the public.” Rather, they use their sinecures to exert power over… Home […]

Home truths — — The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

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Biden’s New Clown

ATF nominee, oh, excuse me. Biden said he was the AFT nominee is a gun-hating communist that has no respect for the Constitution or the People.


He does a great job of disqualifying himself.


Meet David Waco Chipman-Possible Next BATF Director - Thee ...
He’ll do it to you, too
DAVID 'THE Thinks all semi autos over .22 are 'assault ...
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If he only had a brain.

Is There a Shortage of Bureaucrats and Politicians?

Apparently the Baltimore City Public Schools think there might be and they are preparing to meet the shortage with their new graduating classes of asses. Be honest now; If you were an employer, would you hire someone who cannot do the job?


And I will bet that colleges and universities will follow suit to produce the most useless graduates possible.

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. Interior Design: Gary Baseman Toys.

We Know it Won’t Work

Why more laws? Joe don’t know.

It has been categorically proven that adding more gun laws that only affect law-abiding citizens does not reduce violence or gun-related crimes. But it makes snowflake legislators and their supporters feel good because they ‘did something.’ That’s what the whole gun control crap is about: Controlling honest citizens and making themselves feel good. There is NO science involved, and all legitimate studies show that their efforts are a waste of time and money when it comes to controlling violence. The two killers with the highest death toll never used a gun. One set a night club on fire and the other was an ‘angel of mercy’ nurse that killed people in hospitals and nursing homes over a period of many years. Are we ready to outlaw and regulate RN’s? They already have to pass rigorous testing and pass background checks. But maybe we should crack down on all persons in the medical profession since many deaths are the result of ‘accidents’ involving medicine and medical procedures. To start accusing all medical professionals is just plain stupid, yet all gun owners are tarred and feathered as ‘gun nuts’, extremists, and terrorists in waiting.

But TPTB will continue to add onerous gun laws that are proven not to work so they can feel better about themselves and placate their brain-dead constituents. How about following the science for a change?