It Didn’t Work

They tried to kill me, but it didn’t work. I’ll be back. The hospital pushed hard for Do Not Resuscitate, but I’d already saved the others, and wasn’t going to let them get the $39,000+ for claiming they killed me with the ‘Rona. I am meaner and angrier than ever before. I will return bit by bit stronger and tougher.

9 comments on “It Didn’t Work

  1. MaddMedic says:

    WTH!!! You had the Wuhan Flu??? Damn!!!

    • Yeah, I worked by butt off for about 10 days to keep my wife out of the hospital. At the same time she was caring for her 96 year old mother. I finally came down with the nasty crap. One of her friends wanted to have a get together so the wife went. Her best friend’s sister is a teacher and had gotten dosed with the protein shed. They both ended up in the ICU. This is why I don’t circulate with unknown people, even good folks. Wife got sick, her buddy ended up hospital. I finally got run over by the Rona train. My dearly beloved was sick but recovered, I got sent to ICU where they gave me worthless drugs that spiked my blood glucose to over 500mg. Bastards! The ‘nurse’ and ‘doctor’ kept trying to kill me but I just held on until the SOB’s decided that if I hadn’t died by the weekend, I could go home in a few days
      They continually fed me crap that spiked my glucose, and when I wouldn’t die they said I could go home. They sent me home with drugs to keep my glucose high. I ended up throwing them damn steroids away and put myself of a home regimen to lower the glucose and stuff to kill the ‘rona. After 4 days back home I started coming out of it. Today is the first day of mostly normal blood glucose. In the mean time I’m working with the wife, and the kids to keep them all healthy and save my mother-in-laws life.
      I’m angry at the foolishness and stupidity of the medical industry for trying to take away my ability to heal myself. Hope I can keep the rest of the clan in good shape. Seriously considering mowing the lawn this week.
      I dare anybody to look at me sideways about a mask now that I am immune. Will have to do my best not to bitch slap them.

      • kamas716 says:

        Good luck. It was the weirdest cold I ever had, symptoms changed daily.

      • Bob-Bud says:

        Glad you’re back in the saddle! Keep the collodial silver, D3K2, Iodine, C, etc etc going! To hell w/ the allopathic arse holes and their drugs! F**K the face burkas too!

  2. Reverend Bow says:

    Good to hear you survived it, Good to read ya

  3. photog says:

    Hey Deputy, glad you got through it. We need all the good guys we can get. Hope you bounce back.

  4. Elder Son says:

    Wow. I’ve been personally exposed to 17+ PCR Tested Positive people, that I know of, and nothing. I know one guy who was hospitalized back in December 2020. 5 days before he was hospitalized, he called and asked me to look at his car. So there we both were, our heads under the hood, sometimes just inches apart. He’s breathing on me, coughing in close proximity to me, complaining he wasn’t feeling well. Anyhow, it’s a collapsed lifter. We chit-chat in his garage for awhile, and I go home to my wife, visit family and friends, and even had a family/friends get-together BBQ. Then I get a call 5 days later he is in the hospital and PCR tested for the Cooties. They had him on oxygen and vitamins C, D3, Zinc, and B1. So he is out in another 5 days. I visit him at his home the day he is released. Mind you, he just finished chemotherapy and has type 2 diabetes. Right… none of us wear face diapers. So he is telling me of his “never before seen Cooties symptoms”. You know, the dreaded Covid can’t smell or taste anything. The dreaded Covid-Pink Eye. The dreaded Covid-Toe. The dreaded Covid-Rash. The dreaded Covid-dyspnea. And the dreaded… well, just look up Severe Flu complications and symptoms. Anyhow, I told him that 30 years ago I had those same symptoms when I had the severe Flu. I still carry the scarred lungs from that. I just find it odd that no one in my entire family, and our circle of friends, who have entirely ignored the “Covid-mandates” and been living our lives as if the Cororna-Cooties thing doesn’t exist, despite being exposed to multitudes of people being PCR tested for “The Covid”, and it being the “most contagious and dangerous virus ever”, haven’t had so much as a sniffle. Okay, maybe some summertime hay fever sniffle.

    Go here:

    Select Year 2018 and Week 1, then Year 2021 and Week 53. It’s magic.

    Imagine if you will, that your government compelled MILLIONS of Americans to have a nasal swab shoved up their nose for a Influenza PCR Test every year. Imagine the MILLIONS testing positive for the Influenza. Some would die because of the Flu, some would die with the Flu (symptoms or not), some would have severe Flu and survive, some would have moderate to minor symptoms of the Flu, and some would be… Influenza asymptomatic (as many as three-quarters of all flu cases are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t know they had until they were tested for it). But there would be MILLIONS of Flu CASES! Imagine AmeriKans crapping their diapers.

    OMG! We need a Vaccine!

    Surprise! Why, we have a Gain of Function Spike Protein Gene Therapy Jab just for you!

    See how easy that was?

    • Elder Son says:

      P.S. “But… but… I’ve never been that sick before!”

      I know, I was never that sick before either, until I was that sick before, 30 years ago. It almost killed me.

      I haven’t had the flu in 30 years. But then, I don’t let the VA jab me with the flu vaccine anymore either.

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