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Occam’s Razor, Vaccines, and the Grand Design

Since April of last year I have taken the position that the entire virus phenomena was a fabricated and orchestrated event. On the face of it, to unseat President Trump by facilitating voter fraud primarily, and by destroying the economy secondarily (to facilitate a huge transfer of wealth). Very quickly, the bulk of the conservatives in America aligned with that notion whereas the socialists took the opposite world-ending position. Those positions became faith-based, nearly religious systems, except for the former which was based on personal research. The media was complicit in the brain washing of America.
A side note. I personally know four nurses that have worked in Covid wards, and two others that worked in Covid areas of hospice care. Initially they stated the same position as the media…the party line. Mask, six feet away, and so on. But when I queried them specifically about the patients and we discounted the outliers*, the patient profile was constant. Those who suffered the worst and likely died as result of contracting covid were either extremely old and frail, extremely fat, or already beset with life ending ailments. And every image of those victims posted tended to show people that were by any standards, overweight if not obese. I also personally know many doctors that are personal friends and students of mine – very successful…two with specialties in micro biology and infectious diseases. None have elected to get the Vax, none believe the media narrative, and agree with my opinions on the matter.
Now we are learning the virus was fabricated by the Chinese…something we suggested as early as April 2020. That it was released on purpose. That sources within the USA not only knew, but financed the lab in Wuhan. There are no coincidences, and too many have benefited from the events we are describing. And now we see them restoking the fires of fear with upcoming variants and additional vaccines, et al.
I don’t have all the answers, but I surely do not believe the media nor trust Biden’s government for an inch of travel. I am also not sure that elections and voters and democrats have a great deal to do with the end game. Shit is happening at a speed that is unprecedented. Even now the rhetoric of the “Delta Variant” is being unleashed. If you recall…it was late summer of 19 when the Rona was first being set on the table for gullible Americans to lick up. Now mid summer of 2021…Delta is coming…Biden supports reinstating restrictions…and like dominoes…cities are falling into place.
You will recall the fable of the bullfrog in the pot. If the bullfrog doesn’t get out of the pot soon it won’t matter. So start getting your minds right about what you are prepared to do when they want you to close your business…again, and how far you will allow them to rule over your life…again. The path we are on now leads to the train cars, the camps, and well…you know the rest.
Get your minds right and do not allow them to take your future.

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