2 comments on “HIPAA Rule

  1. I don’t know all the details of being Hipaa Compliant, but I do know this: any copier, printer, or fax that is sold as “Hipaa compliant”, creates a thumbnail image of every single document that goes through the machine. No matter if it is an incoming fax, a scan to file, or print job; the machines contain hard drives that store every single image as a document; permanently.
    A decent copier technician can access these files through the internet, and the network of the entity in question…
    In other words, I could hack into a copier from home, and get an image of a document of say the boss’s visit to the hospital when he had his vasectomy, or the boss’s wife when she went to the doc for a hysterectomy…or anything else.
    These hard drives stay with the machine until it is returned to the leasing company, and at that time, the hospital can keep the drives, or have the copier company physically destroy it.
    Nice huh?

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