Resist ..

I was blessed with being able to retire shortly before the company mandated the jabs. I am praying the Medic got the placebo and has no ill effects from the vaks.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

I got the damn shots and I have regretted it since then. Have had no issues and has been ten months but I wish I had stood my ground and said ‘HELL NO!!’ Now my large private hospital employer is mandating and there is resistance growing among employees.

Resistance to vaccine mandates grows among tens of thousands

I will support any who say no!

So damn much bullshit going on in today’s world.

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Wrong Flag

Doesn’t matter what flag it is, we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands. If the teacher or anyone else wants to have allegiance to an ideology they can do that. But only because of the Republic. Try that in a nation run by any other form of government and you might just have a little problem. I think that when a teacher proves themselves to be this stupid it is time to remove them, retired without pay.