Check Out This Soldier Explaining What She’ll Do To Americans If Martial Law Is Declared

Soldiers are being brainwashed

The Mad Jewess

Check Out This SoldierExplaining What She’ll Do To Americans If Martial Law Is Declared


This is what the Jobama administration is teaching US Soldiers. The fact that this Lesbian soldier does not understand the anger Americans are vexed over tells me she would be MORE than willing to shoot at us.

No, they’re NOT ‘both wrong’. The Lesbian seems to relish the fact that she would be the aggressor against Americans in a Martial Law situation. She also brings up a person who ran into a vaccination tent–which is totally irrelevant to the scenario being discussed.

Soldier Betty BullDyke calls American males ‘good ol boys’. Uh, beyotch…if it wasn’t for the ‘good ol boys’, you wouldnt have had a country. Dumba$$.

Does this stupid hag realize she gets PAID by we the people? Sorry…

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