Destroying Our Sons

I suppose that if you feel it is important to emasculate young boys so that we have no men to continue the human race, you are a generation too late. Saint Paul talked about stupid people demanding circumcision to join the church, and he had some good advice for them: Cut the whole thing off. I guess my interpretation into modern English is one of the reasons my teen Bible study was so popular back in the day. Kids can relate to Paul initiating the phrase “Stupid people shouldn’t breed.”(Galatians 5:12) But as I said, they’re a generation too late. The stupid has already bred and is beating down the good people. But of course the Marxists among us tell us that masculinity should be abolished, along with whiteness and anything else that they can use against normal humans. And they are using the schools to indoctrinate children with their insanity. Your best bet is to pull those kids out of the commie indoctrination gulag and home school them. Aren’t they worth it?

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