Staking Your Castle Nut

To stake or not to stake. Yes, I do this. And a few other things too. In fact, the Aero Precision I won last year had a factory staking job when I got it.

AR-15 How To Tips: Stake Your Castle Nut in 3 Easy Steps ...

A Travesty of Justice

More proof that any violence perpetrated was done by leftists. They get a free pass on any violent acts, just as if they were in Portland or elsewhere assaulting Trump supporters, or just anyone they chose. Federal sentencing guidelines were ignore after this December 2020 attack. This guy would look pretty good swinging in the breeze, if you ask me (as would all Antifa members and supporters). I have NO confidence in our ‘justice’ system, as it has become a ‘legal’ system controlled by money and Marxist ideology, and there is no justice or fairness found in that system.

Tales of Corruption

You know they were evil; they were friends of the Clintons. And you can’t walk with Jesus while holding hands with the devil. That applies to all those ‘well-intentioned’ saps that vote Marxocrat. You simply cannot support the Democratic party and not be a supporter of evil. You know, the American Communists. Actions speak louder than words.

It Gets Worse Post Jab

I thought that remedies were supposed to make you better, not worse. Silly me, I’m thinking like a child, when a trip to the doctor was reserved for when mom and grandma were stumped. After the hot mustard plasters, chicken broth, asafetida and orange juice didn’t work. My father told me that in the old country one-room schoolhouse he attended the teacher would put formaldehyde on the heat registers during cold and flu season, and they all stayed healthy. I got to go into the remains of that schoolhouse with him before he passed.

He was a wealth of information about the ‘old days.’ Dad said when Grandma made him mad he’d go outside and eat dirt to spite her. It must have given him a heck of an immune system. The only time I can remember him being sick was when someone persuaded him to get a flu shot to “protect” him. Damn near killed him. Avoid the shot!

Woof! Take a Look at This!

Things that are good for you and that you can grow yourself are being reclassified in preparation to be outlawed for your use. Did you realize that organic vegetables were bad for you and needed to be regulated by the FDA? How about Aloe Vera? Asparagus? Parsley? I would say that this is insane, but it makes perfect sense if you want to control every aspect of your serf’s lives. No more ginger root for your sushi, or papaya for desert.