Parents and Ancestry

Think about it.

To be born one needed: 

2 parents

4 grandparents 

8 great-grandparents 

16 second great-grandparents 

32 third great-grandparents 

64 fourth great-grandparents 

128 fifth great-grandparents 

256 sixth great-grandparents 

512 seventh great-grandparents 

1,024 eighth great-grandparents 

2,048 ninth great-grandparents 

So you have been determined from 12 generations before to be born here today and NOW at this time. 

This all took a total of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years. 

Now just think about that for a moment, please!

How many battles? 

How many battles? 

How many difficulties? 

How much sadness? 

How much happiness? 

How many love stories? 

How many expressions of hope for the future, did your ancestors have to go through for you to exist in this present moment???

Do you understand?

Do you now know WHO YOU ARE?

You are the result of the whole!

You are the drop that forms the ocean.

They ALL count on you and see your light.

They know you can do it, so always remember that and stay as confident as you have ever been before.

You will change everything!

Don’t get distracted anymore, because this is happening for a reason, because YOU ARE NOT HERE WITHOUT A REASON!!!

Hat tip to Waking up 1984 on Telegram.

At Least She Could Pee

How Social Media Hurt United Airlines - Scientifically ...

This is more than a bit strange, but what isn’t these days? Nobody is thinking straight. It’s all about fear and control. At least they allowed her to go to the bathroom. But what the heck were they doing testing her mid-flight? She probably choked on some airline food and somebody complained about her coughing that was frightening them.

Wish I Needed More

Ammunition, that is. Right now I’m trying to just stock up on practice 9mm, but I may have to scrape up a few buck to get some of this. Got an email from MidwayUsa advertising 20 rds of Remington 9mm HD Ultimate Defense for $21.66. That’s a pretty good discount. Check it out if you want. I love MidWayUSA.

The Polar Bears Will Get it Next

This is apparently the new ‘contactless’ variety. You can get the Rona from the next county or the next country. Probably even the next continent. If Santa was late with your presents this year now you know why. He should have used some of the reindeer’s Ivermectin.

Reindeer being swabbed for a covid-19 test Vector Image

NEW – Two-thirds of the 25 staff based in Belgium’s Polar Station infected with Covid despite being fully vaccinated, passing multiple PCR tests, quarantining, and living miles from civilization (Telegraph)

International space station next?


Hat tip to Wakingup1984.

Another Bee Swarm

It’s getting thick out there.