Our Intelligence Services are Broken

Little old me reading the news out here in the Midwest knows what is going on, but our idiot in chief has no idea, and Psaki freely admits it while she throws the rest of the feral goobermint under the bus. First, this came to my attention:


And then today Psaki says nobody knows nuthin. What a pack of losers! Must be too busy tracking school moms, covering for Antifa & BLM, and making sure granny doesn’t threaten the nation with her knitting needles.


Actually, I got both of these stories on the daily news feed on my iPhone, which is an older model with outdated software (same as my ancient PC). Whomever is supplying the White House and the DOJ/feral LE with intelligence are a pack or disgusting losers!


3 comments on “Our Intelligence Services are Broken

  1. MaddMedic says:

    The only thing they are worried about are parents protesting and you!!

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