The Price of Softness and Weakness

Gabe Suarez reminds us of the price of freedom


“The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

DH Lawrence

When Lawrence penned these words, he probably intended it as a pejorative toward the American people…his perspective perhaps being that of Chamberlain, who like Biden, became his nation’s greatest embarrassment. But like being called a “cold hearted killer” by one’s enemies, Lawrence’s words are instead, the greatest compliment a people can ever receive. One wonders if we are still deserving of it.

When Americans see this image, they thump their chest about the second amendment, adjust their size 50 belts, and go see what is cool on Facebook. When I see this, instead I see a nation that forgot that war, violence and strife are in fact the natural order of things and that peace is a temporary illusion we enjoy from time to time, but with which we should never get comfortable.

As the samurai saying goes, “After the battle, tighten your helmet straps”.

A nation that forgets this, will find itself making alliances with fools and cowards who will turn tail at the first threat, whose young men will die in futile heroism, and whose old people will have to lift up rifles to defend their homes.

Pay attention stupid and weak Americans, and shame on you for allowing your strength to be wilted by the pusillanimous liberal machine and its familiars. What are you prepared to do now? Will you once again make yourself deadly, stoic, hard, and killers…unwilted, or will your grandmother need to take your place because you were not up to the task before you?

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