DHS Mayorkas is a Traitor

Or at the very least, unable to perform his job. In fact he needs to be prosecuted for his failures. Along with the traitor that appointed him and every person that confirmed his nomination.



A Leak from ICE

Found this on Telegram. Unfortunately, no attribution, but then again is it a leak.

ICE: ‘SMARTPHONE’ PROGRAM INEFFECTIVE: A leaked draft of a 2020 internal ICE report states that the  “Alternatives to Detention”  program, which has cost $1.46 billion since it started in 2004, has “little value.” The program uses ICE-provided ankle monitors and smartphones using the SmartLink program for tracking illegal immigrants released by authorities. An average of 84% of illegal immigrants leave the program, ditch devices, or delete tracking applications to live in the United States illegally. Some 216,000 illegal immigrants are currently enrolled in the program. – R.P.

My guess is that the only reason for them to track illegal aliens is so they can send reminders to vote for the American Communist Party candidates at election time.

The War on Food

Many are planning to grow their own, so our traitorous Communist gooberment is planning on making that impossible. Besides climate war, making it illegal to collect water, illegal to grow vegetables, they have another trick up their filthy sleeve. How do plants get pollinated? Mostly by bees. They’ve been killing bees for years, and are not letting up.