Celebrate Defiance

Suarez International reminds us what and why we celebrate


Unlike many reading this, I know what communist oppression is really like. I saw it and felt it and the scars inflicted on my family and those like us remain forever. And like the Jewish victims of Hitler, who seem to get more press than the multi national and multi cultural victims of communism, we know the smell and the sound of the oppressor instantly. 

This weekend while you enjoy the beach or desert, while you eat those burgers and laugh with friends and family, keep in mind what the day is. It is a holiday where Americans celebrate defiance…but more, Armed Defiance against the excesses and legal authority of the British king. On that day everyday Americans, then called colonists, said “enough”, and then said, “never again”. The salient point is this. 

An armed man has the power to say no to his tormentors, and enforce that position whereas an unarmed man can only protest and hope than an armed man will come to his aid.

It was armed men, defiant of the ostensibly legitimate authority of the oppressor that brought you this holiday and this great nation that so many despise and envy…and wish to destroy. 

So enjoy the holiday but always keeping in mind the why behind it. And remain wary because everything is fleeting…even the idea that is America. And it is never out of the realm of reasonable discussion that the events that lead up to this holiday will one day be replayed to keep the nation and its people truly free

thank you Gabe Suarez

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