Banks Will Track Every Purchase

From Wakingup1984 Telegram

Banks will soon become police entities that track every single purchase and movement made by their “customers.” This information will be used first to shame, then very quickly to fine and control populations using the boogeyman of “climate change.” There is no climate crisis, by the way, just as there never was any killer virus called covid-19.

All banks will fall in line, because all governments and all major corporations went along with every aspect of the covid operation, and those few small outliers who pushed back were regulated or otherwise driven out of business. The only alternative is to start setting your life up in ways such that you and hopefully your community are not beholden to these banks and megacorporations to dictate its terms, how much you consume, what chemical poison you must be injected with, what beliefs you must instill into your children. 

Some will say I am being overly negative. No. I’m being realistic. No one is coming to save you. The last three years have proven that no significant uprising of the common man against the System will occur. People everywhere are going to accept this new banking system just like they accepted all of the new restrictions, rules, regulations and ways of life introduced with the covid op. It is up to YOU to establish your own alternatives. There are millions of us with this same idea. You are not alone, and it’s going to become more and more important, as this terrible System continues to grow and metastasize, to find one another irl and work together to build parallel alternatives to this Beast.