Why Did LE Ditch the .40?

My first issued duty pistol was a S&W 4586. I really liked it and it was a good .45 ACP pistol. Lots of people complained that it was heavy, the whole thing was stainless steel. But that weight really sucked up the recoil, making it easy to shoot, low recoil, and very accurate. Later, the department switched to the .40 cal. Glock 22. I was never as accurate with it as the .45. My last issued pistol was a Glock 17 Gen 5 and my accuracy came back. I never had problems qualifying with any of them, or my off-duty pistols, either. I have to say that I was glad to see the Glock 22 go. Meantime I had a personal Glock 22 and a Glock 27. I actually shot better with the 27 but I switched to a G 19 and liked it even better. Anyway, most LE departments have moved away from the .40 caliber. Here’s an explanation for the change.

I ended up giving all my .40 ammo to my son-in-law. He got some top-grade ammo. He and my daughter switched to 9mm a year or so later.

Save a Life in 2023

Along with your EDC of weapons to drive off the wolves and protect yourself from goblins, how about being prepared to save lives? You aren’t much of a sheepdog if all you are prepared to do is to bite. Even if it’s just cleaning and closing a wound, it should be even more. It doesn’t take much to learn some first aid, and it’s the least you can do.

Carry Medical In 2023

I may be preaching to the choir, but you should have emergency medical gear in quick reach at all times throughout your day.

EVERY day I read stories about private citizens who are saving lives using tourniquets, chest seals, pressure bandages, etc.

Are you prepared? Do you have a trauma kit in each car? Do you have one in your bag, purse, backpack, or on your person? Do you have them in the home?

Have you Completed the Emergency Trauma Response Course?

Last week we hit a milestone. Over 6,000 people have now enrolled in our no-cost online training course called “Emergency Trauma Response.”

Are you among those 6,000?

I wish I could say all 6,000 of those people have completed the course but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Most have good intentions but life is busy and gets in the way.

Take advantage of this time of year which for most is a little less busy, and login and finish the course!

For those of you have finished the course, retake it or consider taking our new course released earlier this year, “Range Medicine.”


Brian McLaughlin


Christmas Presents

Judicial Watch has a few goodies for you. Much more needs to be done but they are still fighting, so please support Justice Watch, The ACLJ, and others fighting for YOUR rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Back to Basics

I have often heard professional sports figures attribute their success to coaches that made the team go back to basics (this is a football). Well, I am no expert, and I admit that I still need to revisit those basics regularly(this is a pistol). Yes, I’ve taught lots of classes and I am an NRA Certified Instructor in more than a couple of disciplines, but I need to regularly go over the basics. Perhaps not in a class, but as I practice shooting at the range or just at the farm, I need to slow down and go over everything step by step (particularly safety) so I make sure no mistakes are made and that procedures are ingrained. So here is a basic shooting class for beginners to ‘experts’.

Does It Kick Much?

This is a question that is asked by all shooters, especially new ones. But everyone wants to know.

I often wonder if I am doing the right think by putting up training videos that help beginners learn to shoot, thinking that this would not be beneficial to patriots is a grid down or CWII situation. I accidentally happened upon a ‘Fear Factor’ episode where they were entertaining us with geeks. You know, tattoos, gauges, and piercings and body art galore. One of the girls said she couldn’t swim, but her boyfriend was even worse. The MC, Joe Rogan, said the guy looked like he was in a slap-fight with the water and he was really worried about the guy. His girlfriend kept yelling at him to put his hands in the water. So after watching this comedy of errors I decided I could post anything and it would not be of any help to the opposition. So you may see some posts that are very basic on firearms handling.