Memes to Start the Week

A Story Worth Knowing

Joseph Story was the Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1811 to 1845. Having that position and knowing the duties of the Supreme Court, he is exceptionally acquainted with not only the court’s duty, but with the subject of the court’s jurisdiction. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a criminal. Story’s book “A familiar exposition of The Constitution of the United States” should be used to teach the meanings of the Constitution to all young students in the Republic. If a question arises concerning the Constitution this book should be referred to for the understanding of the meaning of the Founding Fathers as their intent was well known to Justice Story as he was present at the time of its writing and he was known to all those involved. If you are unfamiliar with Joseph Story, please educate yourself on his person and on his excellent book regarding the U.S. Constitution. Get a copy and read it!

Gabe Suarez on the Houston Taqueria Gunfight

Gabe discusses the gunfight that we’ve all seen. If you are offended by reality, you won’t like this. Take your bleeding heart to a Socialist paradise and get out of our Republic. The only criticism I could possibly have was that the citizen appeared to shoot his gun dry. I cannot tell if the slide locks back. perhaps he was carrying a weapon with a 15+ round magazine, or perhaps he had a spare magazine (as if he were going in harm’s way he certainly should have.) When the excrement has hit the rotary oscillator you need to have spare ammunition in case the goblin you’re dealing with has fellow miscreants backing him up. So if you have stopped the goblin, save some ammo for the unexpected.

The Warrior Poet Society may com on after Suarez, but if it doesn’t, they have a great little video on firearm selection. I agree with most of these gun choices, though I personally still carry my Glock 19 off duty pistol. I trained with it (still do) and it’s concealable, 15 + 1, accurate, easily controlled, high quality. So here’s WPS for you to watch and think about.

Do You Need a Light?

Yes, we trained with lights for law enforcement, but do you need one on your CCW pistol? Suarez has some things to think about.


Watch this short clip as it may apply to you. I do not use or advocate them. On a police duty pistol, or a SWAT pistol, sure. But they offer no benefits at all and create problems as we discuss in the video. And the argument that “it doesn’t hurt”, or “its just another tool” doesn’t make much sense…unless you are trying to sell lights. Watch and feel free to comment on our forum.

Gabriel Suarez – Suarez Tactics