First of the Week Memes

A Declaration of War

Ideas for going into battle, from good Patriot, found on Telegram.

Establish legacy plans for multi-generational housing on tracts of land away from big population areas.

Dig pond. Stock with fish. Keep bees. Get a flock of chickens. Plant orchard. Hunt/kill/butcher local game and/or buy cow from local rancher. Store in freezer. Backup diesel generator.

Check spending. Eliminate globalist companies. Shift money to local credit unions. Un-retire. Volunteer. Build stuff. Do a business with plan ed transition to kids/grandkids. Homeschool every child you can.

Daily Bible reading. Train Scripture recitations. Sing when joyful. Sing to get joyful. 

Over-tip service workers. Contract with handshake. Train tight shot groups. Know your neighbors’ & their tactics. Get a big dog with a big bark. 

Vote. Pray. Rehearse scenarios. Develop redundancies. Evangelize

Run your race. Fight the good fight. Keep the faith. Mind your business. Live in peace. Love all people. Never equivocate justice. Don’t lie. 

Preach the gospel.


Now, go to war.