Since I may use slang (regular, insulting, and derogatory), and terms that may not be familiar to the reader, I thought it prudent to define some of those terms.  This is not an all-inclusive list, but hopefully will be of some assistance.


AAR – After Action Report.  A report of how the action went:  Good, bad, otherwise, with comments to help someone who wasn’t there to understand what went on.

BOK – Blow Out Kit. A small kit of first aid items that you need to help yourself survive being shot (or cut). A small kit as in only a few items and only intended for personal use. NOT A FIRST AID BAG. Think a C.A.T. tourniquet, a gauze compression bandage, and a bag of Quick Clot.

ChinaMart – WalMart, the king of Chinese made crap. Destroyer of small town businesses: Hardware stores, drug stores, five and dimes, etc. A blight on the American economy that Sam Walton never intended.

Da gubmint – the government, particularly the Federal government.  Generally corrupt and operating as criminals, having forsaken their oath to the Constitution and duty to represent their constituents.


IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit. Not a ChinaMart special, but something put together with thought of what you may need for your personal use. NOT A MEDICAL JUMP BAG. Just for your personal first aid.

JUMP BAG – The big medical bag you carry in your trunk, back seat, etc. Lots of gauze bandages, airways, burn blanket, penlight to check pupils, etc, etc. Medical supplies for other people.

LEO – Law Enforcement Officer. A duly commissioned officer with full powers of arrest. NOT a TSA child molester.

MSM – The Main Stream Media.  You know, the ones in teh won’s pocket.  The liars.  The useful idiots.  Marxist bastards.  Get my drift?

OIS – Officer-Involved Shooting.

OPSEC – OPerational SECurity. Keeping one’s mouth shut about things. People don’t need to know your personal business. And da gubmint and NSA sure as hell don’t. (Unless you are a criminal. That would mean you are breaking laws. Real laws that are Constitutional, not just totalitarian busybody laws. If you are a criminal, then your business IS my business.)

Only Ones – Idiot cops that think they are the only ones who should be able to possess firearms. Typically, these dolts act as an arm of the corrupt gubmint, trampling citizens’ rights. See David Codrea’s work at and Sure, I have a badge and powers of arrest, but if you don’t own a gun, remember that I can’t be there for you when you will really need me. The only ones are NOT my brothers. These guys are:

RULE OF THREES The rule of threes states: ‘Three is two, two is one, one is none.’ This means that if you only have one and it gets broken or lost, you have none, so have a backup.   Have a backup for your backup.

Sheepdogs – Those that have committed themselves to keeping the wolves at bay and protecting the sheep.  The sheep can’t understand that the teeth of the wolves are dangerous to them, but the teeth of the sheepdog are intended only for protection of the sheep.  A common subterfuge of the wolves is to point to the sheepdogs and cry ‘WOLF!’ thus attributing their own penchant for violence to their enemy, the protectors of the sheep.

Sheeple – People who much like sheep can be herded by growls from the wolves. They react to stimuli, but without thought. No capacity for critical thinking skills. Little knowledge and less understanding of history, politics, religion, psychology, or anything that requires real intelligent thought.

teh won – ‘The One.’ Big O. The liar in chief.

TPTB – The Powers That Be. The ones pulling the strings. Those in charge of the circus, snapping the whip, threatening with the gun, and sending in the clowns to distract from what is really happening.

Wolves – Those that herd the sheeple with ill intent. Often da gubmint in one of its various entities.

WROL – Without Rule Of Law.  A society that has no form of government whatsoever.  Total Anarchy.

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary.  In other words, you may find something that works better for you.

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