Oh, a snoopy busybody type, eh?  Just had to click on the tab to see what you could find out.

I’m an older guy, occasionally described as a gentleman.  I am a deputy sheriff in a department that covers both metropolitan and outlying rural areas of a Midwestern city.  Which one? Sorry, you don’t fit into my opsec box.

Married, with some kids both male and female.  Christian, conservative, I see things in black and white (No, I’m not colorblind). Not a racist, but I understand some cultures have serious problems, mine included, and I’m not afraid to point them out.  Served honorably in the U. S. Army infantry as an 11B.  Not a drinker, but I don’t avoid all alcohol.  I like cats. (That should run off a few people right there) I like dogs, too, but I live in an urban environment right now and dogs need freedom.  I have no place for one of those mutant-rat ankle-biters that some call dogs.  As a kid on the farm I loved my (big) dog.  Horses are stupid, and cattle are just burgers on the hoof.  I like eggs but not chickens; they are nasty filthy animals.  Free range ones are OK.  All in all I like animals and will not suffer one to be abused.  I do NOT consider cutting one up and eating it to be animal abuse.  Take that you PETA libtards!  Like I said, I don’t like little dogs, but if one jumps in my lap I will give it the attention it desires, treat it with love and kindness, and hope the little bugger gets back down on the floor as soon as possible.

I listen to mostly contemporary Christian music, with the occasional classic rock or blues.  I LIKE BLUES.  I have been known to choke a song out of a guitar once in a while.

While some would ascribe to me the qualities of a gentleman, and I do try to show ladies all due respect, there are those that forfeit that obligation by acting unladylike.  Of course there are also those women that think a man showing them deference is a sexist pig, so I guess I’m one of those, too.  OINK!

And let’s see, I believe in spiritual things that most would think are crazy ideas.  Nothing that does not fit into the Bible, but definitely different ideas.  Yeah, you can ask.

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  1. Judy Ann says:

    I have been following your blog for some time now, Deputy, and do enjoy it. I read your personal info the day I found your blog (from WRSA, if I remember right…and I don’t think of myself as a busybody, but more as curious to know what I can about those who I am willing to listen to).

    For some reason (probably old age and a failing memory), I decided to reread your bio again today.

    So my question today is: What are those different ideas you believe in that fit into the Bible, but you consider crazy (or more likely, you think others consider them crazy)? Yes, I am asking. 😁

    • OK, well, I think I’m in the minority of believers that think a pre-trib rapture is not substantiated by scripture. We will not suffer God’s wrath, but we will suffer satan’s wrath during our time on earth. Scripture plainly states that we are NOT appointed to wrath, but in context it is referring to the wrath of God. Matthew 24: 29 & 30 refers to immediately previous verses and says “AFTER the suffering of those days…” then refers to the ‘rapture’ in v31. I just can’t argue with Jesus when he makes it so plain.

      OK, what else to I believe? Hmmm… How about aliens/UFO’s? I agree with Chuck Missler that the spiritual realm is another dimension, and having studied a little string theory, I adhere to his teaching of at least 11 other dimensions. So, I think that aliens are fallen angels. You will have to make a study of the differences between fallen angels and demons, etc to get a grip on it. Years ago the Moody Bible Institute produced a VCR tape that talked about frequencies, and explained with science how Jesus didn’t need any angels or anyone else to roll the stone away from his tomb to get out: He walked right through the stone. Same thing when he appeared to the disciples when they had fearfully locked themselves in a house blocking/locking all windows and doors. Science is pretty plain that objects vibrating with different frequencies (string theory again) can pass through each other and even co-exist in the same ‘space.’

      I believe that the flood of Noah’s time was world-wide and that it was necessary to wipe out the genetic aberrations produced by the fallen angels. The Bible says ALL flesh was corrupted. And what are we doing today? Messing around with genetics that we shouldn’t be messing with. Did you know that in England they have created over 150 genetic chimeras (animal/human hybrids)? Genetic manipulation is easy to sell to the people as a cure-all for disease. What parent would not want their child to be perfect, particularly if diagnosed in the womb as Downs, autistic, or any other horrible thing? As parents we love our children and would do ANYTHING for them. But what if we change their genetic structure and they are no longer made in the image of God? Can they be saved? I doubt it. Read Doug Hamp’s book ‘Corrupting the Image’ to get a clear picture of the problem. What does the Bible mean when it says that Noah was perfect in all his generations? It means that his genes were perfect. And he married a daughter of Enoch (the guy that was taken straight to heaven by God), so his son’s would have been genetically perfect in the image of God. Unfortunately, they took wives from among the population who I am sure were the cream of the crop, but apparently they had some Nephilim genes in them which accounts for troubles later.

      By the way, this answers the question of the ‘mark.’ If it’s a microchip, couldn’t I just take it and then cut it out? If it’s a bar code tattoo, couldn’t I remove it? Sure, but then God was wrong when he told John to write in Revelation that taking the mark means you can’t be saved. So what would be more permanent than a change of genetics?

      Remember when the 12 tribes sent spies into Canaan to spy out the land? They said they saw the Anakim there (giants), and when the Israelites finally entered the land, God told them to completely destroy certain tribes of people. I believe that was due to genetic experimentation by those with Nephilim ancestry. Messing with genetics of animals and men also explains the Greek and Roman mythology regarding satyrs (mentioned in the Bible) and creatures like Pan. Also the monstrous ‘gods’ of such tales. And what about the tails of strange critters like werewolves? With satanists and just plain bumbling idiots opening dimensional portals today, we just might have to deal with such beings again. Seriously. I highly recommend listening to Rob Skiba’s lectures (and Doug Hamp’s) on Youtube where he explains such things much more fully. Look into his ‘Archon Invasion’ etc.

      OK, you got me on a roll, but you DID ask. I hope my answers are not overwhelming or confusing. For myself, I’m trying to live in this world and think in the next. Can you now see why some of my beliefs would be scoffed at by the average ‘Christian?’ But all of what I mentioned can be supported by scripture, and if one chooses not to accept it, one should at least be aware of it. Think of it in the context of false flags, Jade Helm, etc, etc. What is said about such things may or may not be true, but one should be aware of all possibilities.

  2. Judy Ann says:

    Dang, Deputy, that was a quick response.

    Pre-trib rapture…nope, don’t believe in it. If followers of the Bible were meant to be gone before the 7 years of tribulation, then why was The Revelation of St. John the Divine given to us? Nope, why I am a prepper, because we are going to have all the fun of going through it (unless I die before then, but I have lousy luck, so I feel like I will be caught in it…although at my age, I doubt I will last long, so hopefully some other lucky Christians will benefit from my prepping).

    Aliens and ufo’s? Yup, I’m pretty open to those ideas, too. Years ago I read about a (some?…have lousy memory anymore) report done for our illustrious government, that said if aliens were real (and/or here), we couldn’t be told about it because we (the people/human race) wouldn’t be able to handle it (especially Christians…it goes against our teachings, ya know?). At the time, I thought, huh?, am I a lousy Christian believer, because what does that have to do with my ability to have faith in my triune God? The way I believe in God, he’s all-powerful, so why couldn’t he have made a gazillion different creatures and scattered them throughout the universes/dimensions. Not mentioned in the Bible? Well, outside of brief mentions of Nephilim, angels, and demons? I always figured the Bible was the story of one very specific genetic line of people, from Adam to Jesus. The beginning of Genesis talks about creating Adam and Eve, and about creating mankind, male and female. I kinda figure its talking about 2 different creations. He populated the planet with people, and then he created his very special line and put them into the Garden of Eden. So after Cain killed Abel, and was sent away, and took a wife, it wasn’t a bloody sister! He went out and joined the rest of the herd (so to speak). So other creations aren’t mentioned? Well, that’s because the Bible isn’t about them! And if there are aliens (I figure there probably are), then they probably have their own equivalent of our Bible, and their own path back to God to follow.

    Chuck Missler…I live up in the neighborhood (within a reasonable driving distance, not the same town), and years ago used to occasionally attend his meetings (hmmm, every Tuesday night, if I remember). I’m kinda a loner, would rather stay home, read, garden, sew, whatever, so never really went faithfully, mostly I would go to pick up a few more of his tapes to listen to (I love science, and always liked the way he used science along with the Bible to explain things, showing that they were NOT incompatible, as so many want us to believe). As I get older, and am now retired, I find that I have even less of a desire to leave my little acreage (prepping is wonderful, having a full pantry means I can not leave the homestead for months unless I truly want to). But I should probably look at what Koinonia House is offering nowadays.

    String theory. Bought several of Michio Kaku’s books on string theory years ago and read them…for a theoretical physicist, he explained things in a very easy to understand way. Haven’t thought about that in a while, and outside of remembering that I read his books, and used to love listening to him on the old Art Bell radio show, don’t remember the details that much anymore (did I mention how much I am hating to grow old…really hate not having a keen memory anymore). One of the things that I like about string theory is that I can now believe in ghosts (I do, in the same vein as aliens…can’t prove that they are real, but it just seems like there is so much out there, that I sure don’t disbelieve in them); the different dimensions and frequencies, would surely explain how ghosts could do the things people say.

    Not sure about the “mark of the beast” being genetics. I do know we are messing around where we shouldn’t be (nothing like playing God, is there), and although I do know that there are chimeras being created, didn’t know it was that far (150? wow!). I thought (assumed?), since I have been reading a lot about the plant chimeras being created, that this was where most genetic research was going (the GMO, Monsanto things happening to our food). First it was mixing different plants, then plant/animals, now human genetics are being added to the mix (really scary reading in that). But I think we are in the last days, and that I will probably live to see Tribulation. So how would the mark of the Beast already be in us, genetic wise? And I think we need to willingly take the mark, so it can’t be something done to us without our knowledge. As to chips or barcodes, since they can be removed, I figured that was just the physical part of taking the mark, that the fatal part was the agreement to take it. Once you made that life choice, simply removing the physical part didn’t fix the problem, because you had already made the moral choice that condemned you.

    But then again, I’m not sure that all men don’t go to heaven, as such. I am not as well-read in the Bible as I should be (I just don’t seem to retain scripture verses, just general concepts). And I tend to read things like the Books that our early Christian fathers read, but DIDN’T make it into the Bible put together back in the 3rd/4th (?…Council of Nicea, unless I am mixing up my church history again) century. The ones that talk about the many houses of heaven, and reincarnation, that sort of stuff. And unless I am badly mistaken, only Lucifer and the fallen angels are thrown into the pit (hell). So where do the non-believers go? I figure all mankind could either go to the new Earth (heaven?), but be separated from God (wouldn’t that be hell, to be face-to-face with God, knowing with your entire being that he is everything you said you didn’t believe in, and now you can’t be near him and your entire being is screaming to be close), or you simply cease to exist (the end of your soul being). Don’t know. But someday I will.

    It has been interesting to “talk” with you, Deputy. Wouldn’t mind having you as a neighbor! If you ever decide to move your family up here to the American Redoubt when you retire, let me know!

    And thank you for the resources. I will definitely look them up (books and youtubes). I do have an insatiable appetite when it comes to learning and trying to understand this world we live in.

    Judy Ann

  3. You have some interesting thoughts on theology, philosophy, and extra-terrestrial life. You must have had to patrol some graveyard shifts or sit long stake-outs… You’ve really developed your theories.

    I recall going down a lot of the roads you describe. I saw a piece on John Ankerburg’s TV show regarding String Theory that inspired a little bit of study. String theory is fascinating, in that it can be used to philosophically explain some of the supernatural events in the Bible. After pursuing this thread of inquiry, though, I found myself pulling back from it because of the extra-biblical place it took me.

    It’s long been popular to strongly assert belief in and dedication to contestable biblical positions as well. I was once a stron advocate of general election, as well as pre-trib rapture. The trouble I found with both of those strong positions is that we can see a fair amount of solid opposing evidence as well.

    I thought that a couple of trips through seminary would give me strength and clarity on those positions I had taken. Turns out I got a better grasp of 5-point Calvinism and the tenebility of philosophy in explaining biblical events. I retained my earlier positions, but grew a greater respect and acceptance of the other side.

    I’ll enjoy getting to know you through your blog as you encounter thoughts and evidence. I get a lot from seeing other folks progress through lines of inquiry. As you progress, I’d like to offer you some piece I found in Scripture…

    Deuteronomy 29:29 (ESV) 29 “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

    Godspeed! Praying for your safety as you serve.

    • Thanks for the scripture reference and the kind words. I really enjoy digging into the Word and recovering gems that have been passed up. Also, sharing ideas and chewing on them to see their basis and examine their validity. Thanks again for your comments.

  4. (Sp errors in my post: strong, peace)

  5. Well actually… I was just checking if you were single.
    I could use a guy like this in my life!
    ( ;
    But, as always, not single.
    \ : / :
    Anyway, maybe at the least I got you to smile!
    ( : : D (( :
    God bless

  6. Rarely do I run across anyone whom I agree with so much. It’s a pleasure to meet you Officer. Keep up the great blog sir. I read all your post.

  7. Grumpy says:

    Appreciate your service and study.
    Be SAFE out there.

    Grumpy LEO

    • Thank you very much. I assume from your screen name that you are part of the thin blue line (although in my case it is a tan and green line). God bless and keep you safe!

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