Everything You Know Is Wrong


While this was the title of a comedy album in the early ’70’s, it is quickly becoming truth.  Fingerprints can be forged, DNA can be phonied, digital images can make anything happen.  And this is just the beginning.  All these types of ‘evidence’ can be planted to make you guilty of crimes which you did not commit.  And crime prediction a la ‘minority report’ science (?) is already here.


High-Tech Nightmares


Those of us that are ‘woke’ know that we live in a surveillance society.  But what happens when the authorities get it wrong?  And consider the CG masters can fake a video if they want to frame you.  This is double-plus ungood.



Shoot And Move

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Get off the X.  That is how one survives a gunfight.  And it can apply to a larger conflict.  SELCO tells us about the importance of Strategy and Mobility.  There’s an old saying about how a wise man is prepared to abandon his luggage more than once while traveling.  Your strategy should include the possibility (probability) that you  may have to run for your life taking little or nothing with you.  You also need to consider fall back positions, secondary routes and meet up points.  Also, study the idea and practicality of caching items along a likely travel route.  And remember that no plan survives first contact with the enemy (or reality).  Anyway, here’s SELCO’s voice of experience.