You could call this tactics, but that might be limiting, or it might scare off a few weaklings that really need to develop techniques (tactics) for daily survival.

I really should talk about situational awareness, but since I just posted on the TOOLS page, this may be more appropriate at the moment.

I mentioned (briefly) stopping power (hate that phrase) and the technique of “Shoot until the target changes shape or catches fire” in TOOLS. If you must defend yourself or others using deadly force, make it count. Just as a target shooter does not raise their head after each shot to see the point of impact, a defensive shooter follows through. This can mean a couple of things; but first, it means that you put enough rounds into the attacker that you can easily see a reaction to your shots without losing your sight picture. Gotta post about that in MINDSET next. But, shoot until the target changes shape or catches fire. Seriously. The Tueller Drill came from way too many LEO’s dying because the did not shoot soon enough and keep shooting the guy with the knife. Don’t stop shooting until the threat is over. PERIOD!

Ok, second thing. LEO’s call it the ‘immediate action’ drill, others often call it the ‘Mozambique’ drill. This is a simple technique but you must practice, practice, practice! It is simply 2 shots to center body mass, then 1 shot to the head. Disrupting the human CPU stops the fight. So remember: “Two to the chest, One to the head. Make good and sure that dirtbag’s dead.” This might be hard to defend in court if your assailant stopped at the first or second shot, so the need for the head shot must be considered for a split second. Unless this is a SHTF scenario. If that is the case and you stop for 1 split second, you are an idiot. Probably a dead idiot.

OH, YEAH. Remember the distances in the Tueller drill? When I went through the academy it was 21 feet, but more recent research indicates that a knife attack originating at 30 feet will get you killed if your gun is in the holster. If you are aware of this information and have practiced with a cap gun and rubber knife, you have a good defense to take to court: You KNEW the danger and reacted with deadly force to defend yourself.

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