So you have your sidearm with you. Good! But do you have enough ammo to survive a gunfight? Read this article and think about it.

Now, I’m a big fan of the .45ACP, but I certainly understand this officer’s choice of a 9mm with a buttload of rounds. He has made the right decision for himself. Make a good decision for yourself.

What is the best gun/caliber?
Well, it’s a secret, and I’m NOT going to tell you. That is because you truly must find out for yourself. I love my .45, but often carry a .40 baby Glock off duty. My oldest son carries a .45 S&W, my youngest a Glock 19. My daughter carries a Walther P22.

The best gun for you is the one with which you consistently hit the target. This will come down to what you shoot best with.

BUT…BUT…BUT…what about stopping power?!!! I’ve been reading the gun magazine stories since the 60′s where the flavor of the month is celebrated and trumpeted to the detriment of all other calibers. Horse manure! After reading the same old trash for nearly 50 years, I finally read a stopping power report that made sense. Instead of focusing on physiological damage, it added the psychological to the mix. Their conclusion was that a 12ga slug or load of buckshot was pretty darn hard to beat, and larger caliber rifles ranked right up there, too. HOWEVER, it was also discovered that miscreants, having been shot by a defender wielding a .22LR found the experience somewhat uncomfortable, and tended to attempt to avoid a repeat of said experience. I’m talking about stopping an attack, not dropping said miscreant in his tracks, DRT.(Dead Right There) That means that unless you have some deranged or doped-up attacker, a little old .22 would work pretty well in most instances. The above story sort of wipes out the idea that while bigger is better (though I still prefer my .45) placement is everything. So, no, I don’t worry too much about my daughter only having a .22 on hand. My 80+ year old mother carries the same caliber in a Taurus. And my son-in-law, as any good gentleman would do, will back up my little girl with his .40 Glock. (A gentleman always provides cover fire while a lady reloads)

“OK,” you ask, “so what should I get.” Get experience! Go shooting with a friend and try out his/her guns. First and foremost, you MUST have a quality sidearm that shoots every time you pull the trigger. Junk that you can’t bet your life on will get you killed. Bigger is better for caliber, but if you can’t control the recoil and shoot well, not just the first shot, but follow-ups too, you have the wrong caliber. Since my little girl has a .22, I taught her the tactic of “Shoot until the target changes shape or catches fire.” More on this on the mindset page.




NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND THE SECRET and since I didn’t tell you the secret, I don’t have to kill you ;o)

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