The Next Plandemic

These diseases are not by accident, they are planned. And so is the NWO’s response of taking freedom, destroying economies, enslaving people, and ruling the sheep with fear. These are some of the plan.

And here are some more tidbits about what they have going on:

When you pay attention and start linking all of it together, we are definitely being attacked, herded, manipulated, and controlled by a luciferian group that certainly does not have our best interests at heart. This is not a horizontally waged battle, it is all vertical. The better you understand the fact that it is all spiritual the easier it is to comprehend what our enemy is doing. Quit wasting time worrying about politics; you can do nothing. Understand that only through spiritual warfare can you survive the battle being waged against you. You are not going to have the outcome that you think is right, but you WILL have the very best outcome if you align yourself with the winning side. Trust God and keep pushing forward. Try your best to rescue those that are perishing. Remember that as a believer you are an eternal being and you cannot be killed. They can only change your address, so be ready for whatever comes: If you don’t understand it, that’s OK, it will end up being better than what you had planned. Hang tough and soldier on.