The Old Ways

Sometimes new and improved isn’t.  We need to seriously consider the way our parents and grandparents did things before we throw out their ideas as ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘antiquated.’  Survival Dan has something to say about it.

Maybe not bleeding or leeches, but there are plenty of other things.




Dispatches From The Front

Our insane feral gubmint is still making war against Christianity.  Apparently we have no feral employees that can read plain English or have the least amount of common sense.  The First Amendment (like the rest of the Constitution) is a limit on what the government can do, like establish a national religion, or interfere with citizens practicing their religion as they wish.  The US Constitution only empowers the gubmint the right to do 15, 16, or 17 things (depending on what scholar you adhere to) and that is the whole point:  To limit the power of the federal government and ensure that the God-given rights of the people are NOT infringed or interfered with.  Unfortunately, our out of control (and mostly illegal) gubmint does very little to protect the citizens as the Founders of our Republic envisioned, but rather spends its time and citizen-given resources to mistreat the very people who are the rightful masters of the courts, president, and congress.   Here are some examples of a couple of things that are happening now.  The last one is a win for the people.


Now,  I know that this is an attack by liberals, but consider the depth of liberal infection of the government, courts, and entrenched bureaucrats, and this crap can definitely be laid at the feet of our gubmint.  Remember, bureaucrats operate with the power of law but without oversight or restraint.


The tenets of being a believer in Yeshua definitely require taking care of the needy; whether it is food, shelter, clothing, etc.  But the gov’t hates competition.  And since they know that whoever controls the food controls the people, they don’t want anyone interfering with their monopoly on power.  So, they create a narrative about how they are protecting the needy from food-borne illnesses, contamination, etc, etc.  Now they have the (illegal) power to push around anyone trying to help others out of the goodness of their hearts.  And they feed half the people for triple the money.  Or more, as the charitable feeders usually pay from their own pockets.

And lastly:

While being total butt-heads is done best by the feds, they do get smacked down on occasion, like this court case, decided by judges that can read and properly interpret the Constitution.  Take that, FEMA!