Quote of the Day from OCF

Nor does God whisper through the trees. His voice is not to be mistaken. When men hear it they fall to their knees and their souls are riven and they cry out to Him and there is no fear but only wildness of heart that springs from such longing.

Cormac McCarthy

If you are not reading Orion’s Cold Fire daily, why not?  Enrich your mind, and enjoy the great pictures, too.

Burn, Loot, Murder

The blasphemy of holding one color above another needs to be excised from the Republic.  We hang together or we shall surely hang separately.  BLM is obviously not doing anything constructive in this country.  They are proud of their riots, arson, and murder of innocents.  Can you say ‘EVIL?’

This DA needs to be defended; she is under attack by traitors to the Republic.  Please pray for her.


People with this much hate in their lives are either mentally ill or minions of Lucifer.  Possibly both.  Another person to pray for.