Military Update

Got Bayonet? I have an M-7 made by Ontario Knife and it’s a really nice tool. While tactically not a great weapon choice, it would be hard to stand in the face of troops charging and screaming with fixed bayonets. Bayonets are great psychological weapons, and sturdy knives (most of them).

This new night vision looks great. And maybe it means that some of the older (and still good) NVG’s and scopes will hit the surplus market at reasonable prices. I shopped ‘starlight’ scopes before finally settling on a nice thermal scope for hog hunting. Each has some advantages over the other, but I chose thermal. I also heard rumors of a new version of ACOG to be issued, so maybe prices will come down on those, too.

And another look:

Start saving up for new toys!

C19 Odds and Ends

But will they?

DeSantis still doing good stuff.

Moving the goalposts to maintain the fear

Well, I’m already shunning MSM and their clowns. I wouldn’t cross the street to pee down their throats if their guts were on fire. Just sayin’.

Calling Winston Smith! Winston? Oddly enough, ‘1984’ was on late night TV last week.

Masks are worthless: More proof.

More Socialism up North

CNN: Biden Considering Using Private Firms To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance Of US Citizens

The differences between government and corporate entities are becoming less and less

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images By  Ryan Saavedra Daily Wire President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly considering working with private firms to monitor “extremist chatter by Americans online” because the federal government is legally limited to what they can do without a warrant. The report said the federal government is also banned from using false […]

CNN: Biden Considering Using Private Firms To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance Of US Citizens — The Most Revolutionary Act

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