Already Been Hacked

Who needs some mentally ill NorK when the hack is already in?  It’s pretty much when and not if for a grid-down catastrophe.  Grab some tinfoil and the cat and we’ll make it through this.

cat tinfoil


NY mayor Bill de Blasio: ‘If had my druthers’ America would be communist

Can you say ‘traitor?’

Fellowship of the Minds

Karl Marx’s vision of communism is a utopian society of “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities”.

By that measure, New York mayor Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm Jr., is through and through a communist.

In an interview with New York magazine’s fawning Chris Smith, published on Sept. 4, 2017, de Blasio revealed his true, dangerous Bolshevik beliefs.

In the New York interview, claiming to speak for “people all over this city,” de Blasio railed against the institution of private property. He said that “if I had my druthers,” America would be a totalitarian state (“a very, very powerful government, including a federal government”) wielding total power over every facet of people’s lives ( “involved in directly addressing their day-to-day reality”) in accordance with the communist dictum of “in accordance to their needs”. At the city level, the totalitarian state would “determine which…

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Neither Possibility Is Acceptable


Two stories that give some explanation of the recent naval mishaps we’ve seen.  I’ve wondered how a US Navy ship loaded with electronic systems can just run into another ship out on an ocean that can’t possibly be all that crowded.  So here I present a couple of possibilities:

First, it is the Navy’s fault for crappy staffing.

Second, we may be getting our asses handed to us in electronic warfare.

Nasty Thief Breaks Into Family Home; Meets Family Dog, Who Finds The Thief is Quite Yummy…

A horror movie with a happy ending.

Trigger Reset

Sometimes I come across a story that just warms my heart, and brings a smile to my face…

  • Tristan Murrin and his mother returned to their bloodied home on Thursday night
  • Knew something was wrong when their dog Oden greeted them at the front door
  • Nothing was stolen from the house and the intruder was gone when they arrived 
  • Found blood on first floor, as well as a trail of it running along second-floor stairs

A Virginia family came home to find their floors and walls splattered with blood after their German Shepherd attacked an intruder while they were out.

At first Tristan Murrin and his mother didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when they walked into their Richmond home on Thursday night.

But when Murrin saw his beloved dog Oden waiting to greet them at the front door, he knew something was wrong.

That’s when he saw the…

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