They Want What???


Advanced Skills

Practice, practice, practice.


(This is a reprint of an article I first posted back in January. It is a critical point that people are still not getting. There is no point in trying to run super-duper, high-speed, dynamic, operator drills, if you can’t even execute the bare fundamental skills FIRST, without the stressors added. I spent three hours yesterday, and two hours this morning doing nothing but shooting small groups with my Glock 17, at gradually increasing speeds. I finished this morning, by shooting 75 rounds, at an average of .35 second splits, into half of a 3×5 index card at 5 meters. Not because it is fun (actually, it is painful and it sucks), but because being able to make every round go where it needs to go, at speed, is pretty fucking important, even if it isn’t the coolest of cool guy drills to just stand there and do the…

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The Gift Of Love

From the religion of peace pieces.  They are liars and their father is the father of lies.  That would be Satan, if you didn’t recognize the scripture reference.

Giving back to those that help them:

Of course it’s a peaceful religion.  Only a peaceful, loving god would require killing.  And only idiot Socialists would send a dangerous fanatic to school.  (Their tax dollars at work):

And they love the countries that have taken their worthless jihadist butt in:

Disturbing Trend


From the late 50’s through today, if you express concerns about infiltration and the planned subversion of our republic, you have been labeled a hater, a fear monger, and many other things.  Let’s see now, who labels their enemies and attempts to marginalize their view through defamation, intimidation, mis-characterization, etc.?  Oh, that’s right, the loony left.  Those that hate our freedom and liberty guaranteed in the US Constitution and BOR that created our great republic.  Those that want to bring us under the control.  Those that do not want to hear dissension or questions about anything.

That being said, and being obvious without even being mentioned, here is an example of an attack on the republic by those that consider their ‘religion’ to supersede the rule of law that our Founders instituted to give us liberty.  Just as the infiltration into government by Marxists of all flavors has produced a society of dependent entitlement leeches, having no fear of God (as they think He is a myth), and no concern or understanding of right and wrong, we are now under attack by a hate-filled ideology that has openly stated that we must convert or die.  Not good.

Patients in the UK Left to Pay For the Their Own Treatment

Socialism: It’s to die for.

357 Magnum

This isn’t supposed to happen in the UK, but it seems that NHS has “run out of other people’s money.?‘The money has run out’ – health bosses’ admission as hip and knee patients denied NHS operations.

The rules are set so that doctors have to make an “exceptional funding request” to get hip or knee replacements for patients. But that has run into budgetary constraints.

The new study shows that while some local areas are rejecting around 18 per cent of hip and knee requests, others reject nearly all.

There is much hand-wringing on the part of various doctors, but the effectiveness of the operations isn’t the issue.

Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, the membership organisation for local health bodies, said: “The money has in effect run out, and CCGs have got to find ways of delivering greater efficiencies. [See the link for…

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