The Traitor In Chief Still Hurting Us


There is no reason that this traitor is walking the streets today other than our federal feral law enforcement is as corrupt as he is.  We are way overdue for some hangings.


9 Street Survival Skills


This is Detroit today.  And people are waiting for the apocalypse?  It’s here.

Who says these skills are not valuable before a collapse?  They make a lot of sense to me.  Remember, a Good Scout is Prepared.

Go Away, Big Brother.


Do you remember the ‘Chicken Man’ radio show?  “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!”  But of course Chicken Man was a caped crusader for good.

You just might want to invest in some of these for family and friends:

The ones I bought some years ago worked very well.  Of course, if you live and die by your cell or smart phone, you won’t like it.  Choose wisely.

Fish Rots From The Head Down

keystone kops2

This old Chinese proverb tells it all.  A few days ago I posted about some good agents trying to fix the bureau from within, but I’m afraid as long no one takes out the trash on the top floors thing will never get better and the FBI will continue to be the laughingstock of law enforcement.  My heart goes out to the good agents.