Why Are They Allowed To Exist?

In a civilized world, there is no place for such a violent, hate filled, anti-humanity group of people.  Not a religion of peace, but an ideology of domination, hate and death.  WARNING:  Videos are graphic.

mecca solved



Better Than Drugs


Garlic:  It’s not just a seasoning.  Make it part of your diet.

During WWII when the American convoys couldn’t get through to supply the Russians with penicillin many of the doctors treated gunshot wounds and infections with garlic oil and mashed garlic.  They had a very high success rate in keeping the wounded alive. 


When Will We Listen?


Muslims have been telling us for years that they plan to destroy the United States and kill or enslave all Americans.  But our idiot (crooked) politicians give them money, little big O bowed to them, McCain and Carter made excuses for them.  I guess some people just have to learn the hard way. 

Will they follow through on this promise?  And if they do, what will our Marxists say to blame us for Muslim hate and violence?


mecca solved