GOSPEL MEANS “GOOD NEWS” and you can find out about it with some diligence and research.  Lots of the deep research has been done for you, but by studying on your own, God’s Holy Spirit will guide you into deeper understanding of His written Word, and therefore a deeper understanding of God’s character.  Why is this important?  It has been said that every heresy begins with a misunderstanding of the character of God.  So study and meditation of the written Word will keep you from error and as you get to know Him better, it makes for a stronger relationship.  And that’s what it’s really all about.  Not a religion.  A relationship.

Take some time to read Justin’s posts over at Arctic Pilgrim.  I’ve followed him since he was just a patriot and watched him turn into a pilgrim.  Sound reasoning and research.  There’s a link to his site on my home page.  I hope to meet him face to face some day.

Apologetics is the art and science of defending an idea.  Christian apologetics is defending the Christian faith.  It is not so important that you defend it to bring others to belief in it, but it is vitally important to be able to defend against doubts and wrong theology that get thrown at you all the time.  Apologetics is for YOU.  There are many good sources, but one that I find quick to search and very complete is:  http://carm.org/  Believers disagree about some points, but unless it is foundational doctrine, let it slide and fellowship with brothers and sisters.


  1. ekbano says:

    Good words and good doctrine. Well spoken friend. We need that relationship to see us through everything thats coming, and keep our strength up. Be gentle as doves and cunning as serpents. Here comes the big one brothers and sisters.

  2. Judy Ann says:

    Deputy, do you have a new link to the Arctic Pilgrim site? The one on your blogroll no longer seems to work. Or has he stopped blogging and closed his site?

    Judy Ann

    • I am afraid he is no longer blogging, though I do keep in touch with him electronically. The Arctic Pilgrim (originally the Arctic Patriot) was one of the reasons I was inspired to start my blog. He is no longer in the arctic (won’t violate his opsec by naming his location) and one of these days I’d like to meet him in person if I can spare a few days drive time.

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